The following is a compilation of media sources that have either mentioned, referenced, interviewed, or has been co-authored by Human Rights Without Frontiers International.





NATO, EU reaffirm long-term commitment to Afghanistan (NATO – 29.03.2012)

America’s Radio News Network (2012)
Radio interview: Consolidating women’s rights advancements in Afghanistan

NATO and EU long-term commitment to human rights in Afghanistan (2012)



EU and leading NGO unite in calling for adoption of key judicial reform in #Albania (EUReporter – 24.02.2017)



IDPs in Azerbaijan call upon the European Union to speed up their return (NewEurope – 06.03.2011)


Expatriate Christians from Bahrain address European Parliament (Kuwait News Agency – 27.01.2012)

Bahrain needs anti-sectarian social compact (Democracy Digest – 10.11.2011)

Reform and progress will continue unabated, HRH the Premier pledges (Bahrain News Agency – 26.10.2011)

Labor Minister receives HRWF Director (Bahrain News Agency – 26.10.2011)

Interior Minister receives Willy Fautre (24/7 News – 25.10.2011)

Bahrain’s unblemished human rights record help to earn praise (24/7 News – 26.10.2011)

Human rights vow by Bahrain (Dilmun-Times)

Bahrain’s rights record praised (Gulf Daily News – 27.10.2011)

Human Rights Minister receives HRWF Director (Bahrain News Agency – 29.10.2011)

An international organization calls for Bahrain to abide by the standards of human right (Islam Times – 14.11.2011)


Political (mis)management of linguistic diversity in the Ukrainian daily newspaper DEN (The Day Newspaper – 22.03.2011)


Une répression sans précédente de toutes les religions (Le Soir – 14.02.2019)

“War” is being waged against religious groups in China, conference told (EU Today – 23.01.2019)

Film exposing China’s on-demand killing moves audiences in EU Parliament building – (NTD News – 06.12.2018)

China erases religion – (The Parliament Magazine, issue 484, page 7 – 05.11.2018)

The denial of religious freedom in China and the case of The Church of Almighty God exposed at the 37th session of the Human Rights Council at the United Nations – (01.03.2018)

Religious refugees from China denied asylum in Europe – (The Parliament Magazine – 09.01.2018)

European Committee Blasts Forced Organ Harvesting in China (End Organ Pillaging – 23.03.2014)

Organ Harvesting in China: Europe Must Act Now (Madi Marishma Official Website – 14.03.2014)

Rights group slams China for human rights violations in Tibet (Tibet Nature – 14.02.2014)

Rights group slams China for human rights violations in Tibet (The Tibet Post – 20.01.2014)

China named as violator of freedom of religion in the European Parliament (NTDTV – 24.04.2013)

China named as violator of freedom of religion in the European Parliament (NTDTV – 23.04.2013)

EU Has ‘Moral Responsibility’ to Challenge China on Human Rights (Stop Organ Harvesting – 10.12.2012)

Parliament Magazine, 14 May 2012, p 81

Time to Stop: European policymakers and human rights NGOs must engage with China in the fight against torture (The Parliament Magazine – 24.10.2011 – p 49)

Human Rights Without Frontiers Int’l. China: Democracy, Rule of Law and Human Rights (Ansley and Company – 19.11.2009)

China Human Rights Forum Held at the U.N. (The Uyghur American Association – 04.10.2009)

We have to do what we can to stop genocide crime against humanity (Association for Asian Research – 06.08.2009)

EU arms embargo against China and human rights (EU Observer – 07.06.2009)

China: About its people, government policy, religion, economy, environment, military, and many more (Farectification – 18.04.2009)

Human Rights in China, Conference at the European Parliament (Turkish News – 07.12.2008)

NGOs must focus on defending Chinese citizens (European Voice – 03.12.2008)

China: NGOs must focus on defending Chinese citizens. China views human-rights lectures as neo-imperialist, writes Willy Fautré (Vrienden van Tibet – 01.12.2008)

Unnatural selection in China (European Voice – 09.07.2008)

Winning gold medals for hypocrisy (European Voice – 02.04.2008)

Seven rights groups urge IOC’s Rogge to speak out at last on human rights in China (ISHR – 20.03.2008)

European Parliament VP says Chinese regime violates Olympic Charter (Epoch Time – 13.12.2007)

Press conference with Chinese dissidents at the European Parliament (Europarl – 26.11.2007)

Christians Jailed for Aiding North Korean Refugees in China (Worthy News – 18.08.2003)

EU has moral responsibility to challenge China on human rights (The Parliament Magazine – 10.12.2012)

Trying hard to be better partners (European Voice – 06.03.2009)

Unrest in Xinjiang and Tibet sends a message to the Chinese authorities (European Voice – 29.07.2009)


DRC election crisis is the litmus test for a true EU-Africa partnership (The Parliament Magazine – 17.01.2019) 


Human Rights Without Frontiers debate on Child Marriage (EU Reporter – 14.10.2018)


French Government Confronted on Its Funding of Religious Hate – (19.01.2018)


Antisect movements and Laïcité:
 The French-Russian Orthodox Connection – (01.03.2018)


EU’s soft power to improve human rights in Morocco (EURACTIV – 29.06.2018).

EU’s growing role as a “soft power” aids Human Rights in #Morocco (EU Reporter – 27.06.2018).

Présentation à Bruxelles d’un rapport européen mettant en avant les progrès du Maroc en matière des droits de l’homme (Atlas Info – 26.06.2018)

Legal Experts Warn ECJ not to Involve Political Dimension in EU-Morocco Fisheries Case – (23.02.2018)

EU-Morocco Fisheries Agreement, Mutually Beneficial – Rights NGO Says – (18.02.2018)

Moroccan-Spanish Delegation Visits Dakhla to Explore Opportunities for Investment in Fisheries Sector – (18.02.2018)

Fisheries agreement with Morocco is an instrument of soft power for EU – (16.02.2018)


HRWF discussion programme in cooperation with the EU Reporter on North Korean workers in Poland – (08.11.2018)

South Korea Urged to Include Human Rights in Talks – (10.04.2018)

North Korea Defector Describes Gruesome Forced Abortions – (12.12.2017)

MEP calls EU to face ‘atrocious’ situation in North Korea (New Europe – 11.06.2013)

North Korean defectors call to an end to all aid (New Europe – 06.06.2013)

NGOs demand official inquiry into North Korea’s crimes against humanity (The Parliament Magazine, June 2013)

EU urged to help bring North Korea ‘back into fold’ (The Parliament Magazine – 06.2013)

Human rights in North Korea (Brussels Diplomatic – 14.01.2013)

Interview TV ZDF & 3Sat : Pyongyang Restaurant in Amsterdam

Interview about North Korean refugees with the Romanian Television TVR

UN Universal Periodic Review of North Korea (Asahi – 20.04.2012)

North Korean Refugee issues: Responses from the EU (EIAS – 10.05.2012)

London Conference. Commemorating Human Rights Day 2011: How Far Have We Progressed? (European Leadership Conferences – 10.12.2011)

Commemorating Human Rights Day 2011, Houses of Parliament. Human rights in North Korea: An International Coalition to Stop Crimes Against Humanity (Universal Peace Federation – 09.12.2011)

North Korea. A New Chapter For Human Rights In North Korea Needs To Unfold. (FOREF Europa – 19.12.2011)

International Protest to Save North Korean Refugees 2011 (North Korea Freedom Coalition – 22.09.2011)

EU urged to continue restrictive sanctions against North Korea (The Parliament Magazine –  05.09.2011)

North Korean ‘slaves’ in Europe? ( – 09.11.2010)

LFNKR’s Kato Addresses Int’l Conference (North Korean Refugees – 28.09.2008)

2008 North Korean Human Rights Campaign (DailyNK – 03.09.2008)

Activists plan to float radios into North Korea (CNSNews – o7.07.2008)

Forced Labour: North Koreans working abroad (The Distributed Republic – 01.05.2008)

Ex-filtration by HRWF of 12 North Korean refugees to the South Korean embassy in Laos on 27 March 2008. Some articles: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Promoting North Korean Human Rights: What The Free World Can Do. (US Department of State – 06.11.2007)

North Koreans in Czech jobs: Slave labor? (New York Times & International Herald Tribune – 08.11.2006)

Christians jailed for aiding North Korean Refugees in China. (Worthy Christian news – 18.08.2003)

North Korean Babies (BBC news – 13.08.2002)

US Congressional Record Vol. 148, Pt. 7 (23.05.2002 to 12.06.2002)

N.Korea killing prison babies, defectors say. (Chicago Tribune – 12.06.2002)

Escapees Allege Newborns Killed In N. Korean Jails (Sun Sentinel – 10.06.2002)

Defectors From North Korea Tell of Prison Baby Killings. James Brooke. (The New York Times – 10.06.2002)

North Korea Engages in Forced Abortion, Infanticide (Catholic World News – 10.06.2002)

North Korean Prisons Accused of Forced Abortions and Infanticides (Ms Magazine – 10. 06.2002)

North Korean Refugees Face Forced Abortion and Infanticide (National Right of Life – 2002)

Forum Focuses on N. Korea’s Rights Abuses. Asia: Defectors describe horrors of prison camps. Activists say aid isn’t reaching the needy. They seek a tougher stance by the West toward regime (Los Angeles Times – 10.02.2002)

North Koreans talk of baby killings (The New York Times – 10.06.2002)

In prisons, swift death for babies (Partito Radicale – 06.12.2002)


European arrest warrant: ECJ ruling a ‘stark warning’ to Poland (The Parliament Magazine – 30.07.2018).


Romania must take bold action to tackle the legacy of corruption before assuming EU Council presidency (The Parliament Magazine – 23.08.2018).

Anti-corruption ‘success’ masks human rights failures in #Romania – (13.04.2018)

Deterioration of Religious Freedom in Eastern Europe – (28.03.2018)

Countries extradite individuals back to #Romania despite human rights abuses – (28.03.2018)

Praise for #Romanian “crackdown” on corruption groundless – (26.03.2018)

Systematic human rights violations in Romania’s judicial system – HRWF – (23.03.2018)

Weaknesses and dangers of the European arrest warrant used in Romania – (09.03.2018)

Fresh concerns raised about ‘deteriorating’ conditions in #Romania penal system – (06.03.2018)

EU concerned about rights abuses in Romania – (25.01.2018)

[VIDEO] Human Rights Without Frontiers Conference on Law and Justice in Romania, Brussels – (24.01.2018)

‘Serious concerns’ raised over independence of #Romania judiciary – (24.01.2018)

The complex case of the Adamescu family and the Romanian government – (21.12.2017)

Discussion on the European Arrest Warrant (HRWF – 08.02. 2017)

Renewed call for reform of European Arrest Warrant in wake of Romanian businessman’s death (The Parliament Magazine – 08.02.2017)

Romanian judicial crisis highlights “shortcomings” in EU Arrest Warrant scheme (EU Today – 08.02.2017)

#EuropeanArrestWarrant: Willy Fautre (EUReporter – 07.02.2017)

Subiectul condițiilor de detenție în România este fierbinte (Ziare pe net – 06.02.2017)

Subiectul condițiilor de detenție în România este fierbinte (Amos News –  06.02.2017)

România: Omul de afaceri de top Dan Adamescu a murit în închisoare (Ziare pe net – 26.01.2017)

România: Omul de afaceri de top Dan Adamescu a murit în închisoare (Amos News – 26.01.2017)

‘Ordonanta pentru gratiere si amnistie, ingrijoratoare’ ( –  26.01.2017)

‘Ordonanta pentru gratiere si amnistie, ingrijoratoare’ (Revista Presei – 26.01.2017)

‘Ordonanta pentru gratiere si amnistie, ingrijoratoare’ (Bursa – 26.01.2017)

Romania: Leading businessman Dan Adamescu dies in prison (EUReporter – 25.01.2017)

Comunicat de presă – Avocatul Poporului (Agerpres – 20.01.2017)

Avocatul Poporului a discutat despre situatia din penitenciare cu reprezentantii Human Rights Without Frontiers ( – 20.01.2017)

Avocatul Poporului, discuții cu un ONG pe tema situației din penitenciarele românești ( – 20.01.2017)


Russia: Over a hundred believers of several faiths behind bars (Our World – 18.12.2019)

Religion in Russia: Orthodox Christian anti-cult activist accused of targeting, harassing leading Hindu Guru (06.02.2018)

Human Rights Without Frontiers Censures Russian Ban of Jehovah’s Witnesses – (13.07.2017)


East-West Relations (The Parliament Magazine)

Human rights in Russia under fire on eve of elections (The Parliament Magazine)


Netflix accused of ‘cowardice’ for pulling comedy show following Saudi complaint (The Telegraph – 02.01.2019)  


Spanish authorities harass Kokorev despite his worsening health (EU Political Report – 19.02.2020)
Treatment of detainees in Spain ‘not in line with European Law’ (International Policy Digest – 06.02.2020)
Spain condemned over its human rights record (EU Political Report – 24.01.2020)
Abuse of an anti-terrorism law in Spain spotlighted at the UN in Geneva and the OSCE in Warsaw (EU Reporter – 23.09.2019)


Thailand set to vote on controversial constitution (The Parliament Magazine – 05.08.2016)


Taiwan’s death penalty branded ‘unworthy’ of ‘highly developed’ country (The Parliament Magazine)

Senior MEP welcomes Taiwan efforts to defuse tensions in South China Sea (The Parliament Magazine)

Human rights group urges UN to recognize Taiwan’s journalists (The Parliament Magazine)




UKRAINE: FECRIS correspondent in Ukraine campaigns with China against Falun Gong in Ukraine (Forum for Religious Freedom Europe – 12.05.2014)

UKRAINE: FECRIS correspondent in Ukraine campaigns with China against Falun Gong in Ukraine (European Coordination for Freedom of Conscience – 12.05.2014)


Intra-Muslim Conflict and Anti-Muslim Sentiment – (09.01.2018)

Interview in EU TODAY: “Masato Ishibashi missing in Japan” (EU Today – 29.01.2015)

Interview in THE BRUSSELS TIMES about the disappearance of Masato Ishibashi in Japan (The Brussels Times – 28.01.2015)

Publication in the Parliament Magazine, Issue 404 (pp 8-9): The Case of Toru Goto in Japan (The Parliament Magazine – 26.01.2015)

Interview by NTDTV on political propaganda and freedom of expression in Russia and China (22.01.2015)

JAPAN: A landmark court decision! Kidnappers and deprogrammers to pay dozens of million yen for attempted forceful change of religion (Forum for Religious Freedom Europe – 12.11.2014)

Abduction and confinement of a couple for forceful change of religion: Criminal charges brought against a pastor of Kobe City (European Coordination for Freedom of Conscience – 17.11.2014)

Japan’s Policy of Denial on Religious Freedom (Forum for Religious Freedom Europe – 30.07.2014)

European Parliament: Azerbaijan a Land of Religious Tolerance (Alateia – 16.05.2014)

Open Letter to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: “NO” to the new law on religions (Central-European Religious Institute – 12.04.2014)

Iran: Religious freedom highly restricted in Iran (International Institute for Religious Freedom – 31.03.2014)

Tearing Down Walls: Achieving Religious Equality in Turkey (Griechisch- Orthodoxe Metropolie von Deutschland – 05.12.2013)

Willy Fautré: “EU Guidelines on Freedom of Religion or Belief, An opportunity for religious minorities in Turkey” (The Archon, Second International Conference on Religious Freedom – 05.12.2013 )

International Archon Religious Freedom Conference: “Tearing Down Walls: Achieving Religious Equality in Turkey” – Berlin, December 3, 4 and 5, 2013 (Antibaro – 21.11.2013)

Religious Tolerance in Azerbaijan: Jews, Germans, Molokans, and the Udi of Nij (Harvard International Review – 21.11.2013)

Eastern Europe: Freedom of Religion or Belief Still Under Serious Threat (Religious Information Service of Ukraine – 23.09.2013)

ENP Countries Should Reconsider Their Stance on Human Rights, Religious Freedom and Anti-semitism Before Signing Association Agreement With the EU (PR Newswire – 19.09.2013)

First mission to Sierra Leone by the UN Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion (International Institute for Religious Freedom – 26.06.2013)

Duizenden mensen zitten gevangen wegens geloof (De Redactie – 23.04.2013)

Duizenden mensen gevangen wegens geloof (Standaard – 23.04.2013)

China Named as Violator of Freedom of Religion in European Parliament (NTDTV – 24.04.2013)

China named as violator of freedom of religion in the European Parliament (NTDTV- 23.04.2013)

Missing Japanese Woman Is Suspected Victim in String of Human Rights Crimes (International Coalition for Religious Freedom – 03.04.2013)

Report on Undemocratic Practices of Anti-sect Movements (SOTERIA. International Spiritual Human Rights – 13.03.2013)

WORLD: Freedom To Choose, Change Or Renounce Religion or Belief (Tavaana – 2013)

Fides et Libertas: The Journal of the International Religious Liberty Association (International Religious Liberty Association – 2013)

European Leadership Conference Human Rights and the Protection of the Unempowered and Dispossessed. (Universal Peace Federation – 06.2012)

Sects or Religions? A Human Rights Perspective (Federation pour la paix Universelle. Ambassadeurs de paix – 2012)

Freedom of religion in Russia faces increased limits (Presbyterian Church (USA) – 22.11.2011)

Joint Statement. On the Proposed Religion Law before the Parliamentary Assembly of Hungary. “The Right to Freedom of Conscience and Religion, and the Status of Churches, Religions, and Religious Communities” (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union – 11.07.2011)

Members of the Opus Dei to be taken to court in Paris. Accusations of sectarian drifts and abuse of the state of weakness could now be used against Catholic institutions (Strasbourg Consortium – 09.07.2011)

Newsletter: Belgium. The draft law on abuse of weakness is dangerous despite its good intentions (Strasbourg Consortium – 04.07.2011)

RUSSIA: Evangelical rehabilitation mission faces liquidation. Russian Supreme Court finds suspension of activity of “Transformation of Russia” legal (Strasbourg Consortium –  07.06.2011)

New Europe Special Issue “Religious Freedom” (New Europe – 15.11.2010)

Full veil, burqa, niqab, hijab… a challenge to ‘European’ values? (New Europe – 15.11.2010)

Pakistan: Societal attitudes toward a foreign Christian woman who is married to a Muslim man (Refworld, UNHCR- UN Refugee Agency –  29.09.2009)

Why did the Vatican veto the OSCE’s guidelines on teaching religion? (New Europe – 25.07.2009)

EUROPEAN PLATFORM ON RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION AND INTOLERANCE. OSCE Conference on Anti-Semitism and on other forms of intolerance. Cordoba June 8 and 9, 2005 (OSCE – 09.06.2005)

Religionsfreiheit, Intoleranz, Diskriminierung in EU (FOREF Europa – 08.2004)

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the responsibility of religious freedom: the European experience (Facts About Jehovah’s Witnesses – 22.06.2001)

Europe Resists American Religious Cults (Lermanet – 11.05.2001)

Religious Persecution as a U.S. Policy I s s u e (Trinity College, Hartfard, Connecticut – 2000)


The Protection of Religious Minorities: Religious Freedom and Human Rights in Post-Communist Europe. David Murgio, Conference Rapporteur (Columbia East European Center – 19.03.1998)

Intersectionality of Freedom of Religion or Belief & Women’s Rights: Burqa Issue in the EU (WUNRN)


HRWF Paper: Early, Child and Forced Marriage & Religion – (25.01.2018)


A Year for Human Rights Begins in Amsterdam – (18.01.2018)



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