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COVID-19: Scapegoating Shincheonji in South Korea: A Second White Paper
Shincheonji and Coronavirus in South Korea: Sorting Fact from Fiction – A White Paper / FR: Shincheonji et le coronavirus en Corée du Sud : de la réalité à la fiction – Un livre blanc / GER: Shincheonji und das Coronavirus in Südkorea : Trennung von Fakten und Fiktion Eine öffentliche Diskussionsschrift / IT: Shincheonji e il coronavirus in Corea del Sud: separare i fatti dalla fantasia – Un libro bianco / ES: Shincheonji y el COVID-19 en la República de Corea Discerniendo realidad de ficción – Un libro blanco

The Ahmadis in the world: a human rights perspective
The rise of nationalisms in Bulgaria and their impact on religious freedom
Burqa, niqab, full-face veil controversies in Europe
MOROCCO: Religious Freedom: Constitutional and Legal Framework

Kyrgyzstan faces increasing religious diversity: Its responses raise concerns
The Church of Almighty God Persecution in China – Refugee Problems Abroad
The Contribution of the European Court of Human Rights to Religious Freedom in the EU Space
Droit d’asile refusé à des croyants chinois en France sur fond de répression religieuse en Chine

Belgian Parliamentary Report on Radical Islam and Islamic Radicalism
France: About the Protection of Christian Places of Worship
The State of Religious Freedom in Russia
Antisect movements and Laïcité: The French-Russian Orthodox Connection

Persecution of Christians in the World
Freedom of Religion or Belief in Armenia
Freedom of Religion or Belief and Gender Issues Attempting to Bridge the Gaps

Intersectionality of Freedom of Religion or Belief and Women’s Rights: The “Burqa Issue” in the EU

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