Research is central to HRWF’s efforts to gather and disseminate information on the state of human rights in the world today. HRWF takes very seriously the task of providing accurate information to policy makers and others who are working to create a more humane world for everyone. For this reason, much care is given to analysing reported incidents of human rights violations, getting to the facts and presenting them in a compelling and usable way.

Investigations and independent fact-finding missions are a vital part of this work. Interviews with victims and key actors can bring light to a situation that is often missed by mainstream news sources. The more information gathered the clearer a situation becomes and actions can be taken.

Human Rights Without Frontiers has built a reputation for giving visibility to issues that are frequently neglected, underreported or even controversial. All this requires a commitment to uncovering the truth of a matter, regardless of where it leads, and to letting the facts speak for themselves. HRWF has done just that for more than 25 years.