knowledge sharing


The sharing of information is a powerful tool in the struggle for human rights and dignity. Corrupt leaders and abusive governments can try to build walls of secrecy to shield them from public scrutiny even as they commit unspeakable atrocities.

Human Rights Without Frontiers gathers and publishes information from a wide variety of sources in an effort to expose the truth about human rights violations worldwide (more than 80 countries) and to press for change. The sharing of ideas and information also builds awareness, shapes policy debate and helps to counter the disinformation and misconceptions that often breed hatred and contempt for other people.

The advent of modern information technology has made it more difficult for human rights violations to go undetected. HRWF makes generous use of these technologies, disseminating information through its website, Facebook, Twitter and its daily electronic newsletters that reach more than 10,000 subscribers on an almost daily basis. In this way, HRWF hopes to be a positive complement to other human rights networks and increase our impact for building a more just world.

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