Two more Ahmadis at risk of being deported from Germany to Pakistan

Request to immediately halt the deportation

IHRC/HRWF (18.08.2022) – – The International Human Rights Committee (IHRC) has just been informed that a deportation flight to Pakistan is planned on 6 September on 2022 and that two Ahmadis living in Germany for several years would be among the passengers.


Mr. Tariq Mahmood and Mr. Nadar Rehman were arrested by the German authorities a few days ago due to the rejection of their asylum applications.


  • Mr. Mubarak Ahmad Rahmani (DOB: 01.01.1972) came to Germany in December 2015.


  • Mr. Abdul Wasay Khan (DOB: 05.09.1977) came to Germany in January 2014. His asylum case was rejected several times and now his lawyer has filed an urgent application again.


It is well established that members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community face persecution per se in Pakistan and all recent reports indicate that this persecution is intensifying on a daily basis. Returning a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to a country where his life and safety are at serious risk would be a clear breach of Germany’s obligations under international human rights law and the Convention against Torture (CAT).


This includes a prohibition on sending anyone to a place where he or she would be at risk of such abuse. The principle of non-refoulement applies to everyone including persons who are excluded from refugee protection.


Under such circumstances deportations by Germany are immensely concerning and we request Germany to immediately halt the deportation of these  individuals.


Nasim Malik, IHRC General Secretary, has asked Mr Olaf Scholz, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, to cancel the deportation of the two Ahmadis in a letter he has copied to


Annalena Baerbock (Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany)

Nancy Faeser (Interior Minister of Germany)

Michelle Bachelet (United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights)

Nazila Ghanea (UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief)

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