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HRWF (26.02.2021) – Twen Theodros and Mussie Eyob are among the latest number of believers to be released.

Since the end of August last year, 150 Christians have now been freed – some after more than a decade behind bars.

Twen Theodros

Twen was first arrested in the Eritrean capital Asmara in 2004, and sent to various prisons. Her story is one of remarkable courage. She shared a shipping container with the gospel singer Helen Berhane, and suffered beatings and torture.

Despite her own suffering, she also volunteered to take beatings intended for Helen. Twen, who was a new believer when she was first imprisoned, could have been released had she chosen to renounce her faith. But she refused.

She is described as a precious, lovely Christian who is determined to stay faithful to Jesus.

She has chosen to remain in Eritrea.

Mussie Eyob

Mussie was arrested in Saudi Arabia in 2011 after preaching outside a mosque in Jeddah.

Because preaching to Muslims is a capital offence the authorities doubted his sanity.

But doctors confirmed Mussie was in his right mind.

Eventually he was deported to Eritrea and imprisoned. He told his family he was ready to die for his faith in Christ. Release contacts say Mussie is also doing well.

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