HRWF (26.04.2021) – The Budapest Report on Christian Persecution 2020 (437 pages) has just been published this month and is available in Hungarian and English. You can read it here.


The numerous contributions to this report present the persecution of Christians in different regions of the world from the point of view of security policy, history, fundamental rights, and public law, among others. The studies of this new volume are organized into three main themes. In addition to the regional presentation of acts of violence against Christian communities, the volume also deals with the phenomenon and its international legal aspects in a general, theoretical context, as well as the role of state and church organizations in solving the problem.


You can also watch the roundtable discussions in Hungarian (sub-titles in English) about the new volume here.



Foreword by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Welcoming Thoughts by Cardinal Péter Erdő

Welcoming Thoughts by Rector András Koltay

Introductory Essays

Tristan Azbej: The Situation of Persecuted Christians and the Hungarian Help in 2020

Balázs Orbán: Christianity in the Hungarian National Identity

Ágoston Sámuel Mráz: Domestic Reactions to the Hungarian Government’s International Aid Policy

Antal Hámori: The State Protection, Help and Support of Persecuted Christians in 2020

Regional Presentation of Certain Acts of Violence against Christian Communities

András Stefanovszky: The Situation of Christian Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2020

Károly Gergely: A Coffin from a Cradle: The Situation of Middle Eastern Christian Communities in 2020

Eszter Rebeka Józsa: Anti-Christian Violence in South and Southeast Asia in 2020

József Kaló: Violent Acts Committed against Christians in 2020

Viktor Marsai: Old–New Scenes of Christian Persecution on the African Continent

András Kóré: The Situation of Christian Communities in East Africa amidst the Increasing Civilisational Opposition

Mátyás Bódi: The Situation of Somali Christians in the United Kingdom and Sweden

Dávid Szvercsek: The Security Policy Situation of Sudanese Christians and their Humanitarian Aid Needs

Zoltán Lomnici: Challenges Facing Christians in the Balkans with Particular Reference to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ellen Fantini: Hate Crimes against Christians in Europe

Jacqueline Isaac – Arthur Traldi: Christians Targeted by ISIS in Iraq and Syria: Holding Perpetrators Accountable

Nathan Johnson: Nigeria: The Centre Point of Modern Christian Persecution

General Theoretical Reflections on the Security Situation of Christians

Dénes Harai: Some Anthropological Aspects of Christian Culture

László Gájer: Christians on the Periphery: Dialogue, Mission and Solidarity

Miklós Szánthó: Spiritual Christian Persecution in Europe

György Berényi: The Global Geopolitical Place and Significance of Hungary’s 2020 National Security Strategy in the Protection of Christian Culture, Values and Faith

Zsolt Csutak: Is the United States the Land of Religious Tolerance?

Gábor Sz. Nagy: The Persecution of Christians – Narratives in the Hungarian Press between 1990 and 2010

Ágnes Környei: Possible Means of Countering the Persecution of Christians

Ewelina U. Ochab: Bridging the Gap in Genocide Response: The Need for Genocide Determination

State and Church Organisations in Defence of Christianity

Hajnalka Szilágyi-Kiss: Hungary Helps in Iraq – Security Policy Aspects of the Hungary Helps Program

Lóránd Ujházi: The Activities of Apostolic Delegates in Defence of Persecuted Christians

Milán Mór Markovics: The Possible Roles of (Hungarian) Military Chaplains in Defence of Christians

Tamás Tóth: The Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Aid of Persecuted Christians

Zsolt Paroda: British Government Policy and Parliamentary Activities in Defence of Persecuted Christians

István Tomcsányi – György Gregersen-Labossa: The International Activities of the Order of Saint John in Aid of Persecuted Christians

Ferenc Petruska: Current Changes in the State and Church Cooperation for Persecuted Christians.

József Padányi – József Ondrék: The Contribution of the Military Forces to the Protection of Christians during the Coronavirus Epidemic in Hungary and Abroad

Lajos Komjáthy: The Importance of Religious Knowledge in Peace Operations, with Special Reference to Religious Groups Living in Crisis Areas

Máté Szaplonczay: How Does the Hungarian Greek Catholic Church Help Persecuted Christian Communities?