UKRAINE: Bombed Odesa Cathedral: Financial assistance from Italy expected in December

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HRWF with (Dilova 09.12.2023) – Mayor of Odesa Gennady Trukhanov has just been told that the first tranche of financial assistance promised by Italy to save the Orthodox Transfiguration Cathedral of Odesa which was heavily damaged in summer by a Russian missile attack is planned to be transferred to the city in December.

This was the result of negotiations with the rector of the University of Genoa, Federico Delfino, and the director of the Faculty of Architecture and Design.

In addition, during the conversation online with his interlocutors, the Odessa mayor talked about further possibilities for reconstruction and restoration of other cultural heritage objects located in the UNESCO zone.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, first to promise help

“Italy, which has unique restoration skills in the world, is ready to commit itself to the reconstruction of the Odesa Cathedral and other treasures of Ukraine’s artistic heritage,” then  said Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

“The attacks in Odesa, the death of innocents, the destruction of the Transfiguration Cathedral deeply touched us. Russian aggressors are demolishing granaries, depriving millions of starving people of food. They devastate our European civilization and its sacred symbols. Free people will not be intimidated, barbarism will not triumph ,” the Italian government  then said in a statement.

In October 2023, Italy and Ukraine signed an agreement on assistance in carrying out restoration work at the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral.

As previously noted by Gennady Trukhanov, it is necessary to work out mechanisms that allow the legislative norms of Italy and Ukraine to be observed as soon as possible.

The builders calculated the preliminary cost of restoring the Transfiguration Cathedral which could be around 200 million hryvnias (5 million EUR).

All the destroyed structures are planned to be covered with a hydrobarrier, for which 900 square meters of ceiling have already been prepared.

It was possible to protect part of the roof of the cathedral at the expense of parishioners and volunteer organizations.

However, on the night of 10-11 November, the building was flooded as a result of heavy rains. Excessive moistening of the cathedral structures can lead to further destruction. Carrying out the restauration work of the cathedral is therefore an extremely urgent issue.

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