UKRAINE: Unknown individuals attempt to set church in Ukraine’s Nikolayev Region on fire

Interfax Religion (12.02.2019) – – Kiev: Unidentified persons threw a bottle bomb in the building of the church of St. Elijah the Martyr in the village of Zelenyi Bor, Ukraine’s Nikolayev Region on Sunday night, no one has been injured, the information and education department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church said.


“It emerged that a window was smashed in the church and a bottle bomb was thrown in. It’s a miracle that the fire did not engulf the entire church, the fire went out. Windows were broken and smashed in the church, a curtain burned down and two carpet strips on the floor were damaged, the walls are covered in soot, icons and cloths on the icons were blackened with ash,” the Ukrainian Orthodox Church said.


Before setting the church on fire, the wrongdoers cut off electricity thus turning off the alarm and video surveillance in it, it said. They also attempted to pull out the wooden cross installed in front of the church.


The police and firefighters came to the incident scene.



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