FRANCE: Cult hunters and imaginary cults

A 60-year-old female trainer in ‘biodynamism’ from Nyons, discharged on appeal – Archives Le DL /Jean Francois SOUCHET














By Willy Fautré


HRWF (04.02.2019) – On 29 January, the appellate court of Grenoble discharged a 60-year-old female trainer in ‘biodynamism’ accused of “abuse of weakness of a person under psychological or physical subjection”.


In July 2017, after a 16-hour hearing (!), during which the public prosecutor of the criminal court of Valence had requested a suspended two-year prison sentence, the confiscation of the Mochatte domain in Nyons and a fine 250,000 EUR, the accused had been cleared of all charges. However, the French anti-cult organization (UNADFI) and the prosecutor’s office appealed the decision.


Attorneys Luc Abratkiewicz and Alain Fort who were defending their client said to Le Dauphiné newspaper: “After 8 years of investigation, that lady has finally seen the end of her judicial ordeal. Her teachings had nothing to do with a cult-like practice.”


Source : Le Dauphiné (



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