RUSSIA: Siberian rabbi must leave Russia without explanation of reason

Counterintelligence wins decision on deportation of Chief Rabbi of Siberia. Who will replace rabbi, Omsk synagogue still does not know.

Russia Religion News (04.10.2018) – – The Judicial College for Administrative Cases of the Russian Supreme Court left without change the verdict of the Omsk oblast court with respect to the chief rabbi of Omsk oblast and the Siberian Federal District, Osher Krichevsky, the file for case No.50-APG18-15S says.


In effect this means that he is subject to deportation. Attempts to telephone Osher Krichevsky himself were unsuccessful. At the Omsk synagogue they were unable to explain for KVnews who will now be the rabbi.


We recall that on 22 May a judge of the Omsk oblast court, Lena Ershova, refused to grant Osher Krichevsky’s administrative lawsuit against the Russian UMVD for Omsk oblast and the Russian UMVD for the city of Omsk as defendants. The session was held behind closed doors and the Russian directorate of the F.S.B. for Omsk oblast came forward as an interested party in the lawsuit.


In essence, the respondent officially did not reveal the reason for the deportation of Osher Krichevsky and his large family, who have lived in Omsk more than 17 years. Since the materials of the case contained state secrets, Judge Lena Ershov conducted the session behind closed doors.


Earlier Osher Krichevsky explained to KVnews that he simply received an official letter from the ministry about a decision of 23 March 2018 concerning “the cancellation of residence permit in accordance with point 1 of article 9 of the federal law No. 115 of 25 July 2012, “On the legal status of foreign citizens in the RF.” The reason for such a decision was not reported. He was not summoned to the police and the F.S.B.


At the time, a lawyer explained to Krichevsky that point 1 of article 9 of federal law No. 115 is very serious: “A previously issued residence permit is cancelled in the event that a foreign citizen acts for a violent change of the foundations of the constitutional structure of the RF or by other actions creates a threat to the security of the RF or citizens of the RF.” After this an administrative lawsuit was filed in Kuibyshev district court, which was later redirected to the oblast court.


We note that on 17 December 2014, a panel of judges of the Omsk oblast court left in force the decision of the court of first instance concerning granting the lawsuits of Osher Krichevsky and his wife, Rachel, against the district department No. 1 of the directorate of the Federal Migration Service of Russia. The migration service, using flimsy reasons, also tried to expel the rabbi from Omsk and Russia.


In February 2015, at the sixth congress of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, the Omsk rabbi Osher Krichevsky was elected to the office of chief rabbi of the Siberian Federal District, under the council of rabbis of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia and the Chief Rabbinate of Russia. (tr. by PDS, posted 9 October 2018)



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