Freemasonry in Russia and the war in Ukraine: “Be faithful to your obligations and oath to the Motherland.”

Appeal of the Grand Master to the Brothers

“Dear brothers in all your degrees and ranks!  Observing a bright, ambiguous reaction to the events taking place in the world today, I consider it my duty to address you with an open message.


First of all, I think it is appropriate to recall the basic truths of Freemasonry. Our ancient constitutions, all our rules and our spirit state the strictest ban on discussions about political and religious issues in our Lodges.


In order to avoid fraternal strife, this ban has a deeper moral character especially with regard to political issues. For a real Freemason, no matter how complex the outside world is, a sense of inner harmony, fraternal communication and continuity of the chain of communication of Masonic knowledge are the prevailing aspects of its existence.


Everything passes and only brotherhood seems eternal to us.


Therefore, I urge you to refrain from discussing political realities not only within the walls of the Temples, but also in profane debates, including social networks.


I advise the brothers holding state and military positions to read Andersen’s Constitution carefully once again, especially in the part “On Civil Power, Supreme and Subordinate”. Be faithful to your obligations and oath to the Motherland.


Andrey Bogdanov Is The Great Master Of The Grand Lodge Of Russia.

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