Civil society still alive and very active despite Putin’s harsh persecution


HRWF (28.06.2022) – Despite all the laws restricting freedom of expression and the heavy prison sentences, individuals in Russia go on protesting in various ways and fighting for their rights outside the Western radars


Day by day, hour by hour, OVD News ( tracks a multitude of cases (in Russian with automatic translation).


Do not leave these courageous unknown fighters for freedom of thought and expression, freedom of assembly and demonstration. Read OVD News every day and give a voice to Russian faceless human rights defenders. A few very recent cases among many:


26 June 2022



Blogger Insa Lander extended house arrest for another two months



Nalchik City Hall refused to agree on a rally in support of the convicted local businessman



25 June 2022


Tomsk region

Tomsk City Hall decided to confiscate the premises of a women’s shelter from NGOs, which was recognized as a foreign agent



Five activists were detained in Moscow because of a protest against the construction site in Bitsevsky Forest


St Petersburg

SOTA journalist was denied a case because of an attack during the shooting of an anti-war action



24 June 2022



In Petrozavodsk, security forces searched the house of a lawyer assisting conscripts


Perm krai

The court declared the Perm nationalist movement “Storm” as extremist


Rostov region

The 60-year-old head of the “Community of Free Russ” was detained in the Rostov region


Belgorod region

The Belgorod court decided to recover 12 thousand rubles from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for illegal detention of a human rights defender


Tambov region

The Tambov activist was fined 250,000 rubles because of posts criticizing the Soviet authorities


Astrakhan region

In Astrakhan, a trade union activist was sentenced to a year and a half of forced labor



Chuvash anti-war activist left Russia because of threats from the security forces


Sverdlovsk region

Yekaterinburg did not agree on a rally “for the release of political prisoners (except Navalny)”


Smolensk region

Smolensk blogger Sergei Komandirov was added charges in two more criminal cases. Now there are 6 of them



In Moscow, politician Nicholas of the Caucasus was detained and arrested for ten days



In Moscow, a girl who came to support politician Mikhail Lobanov was detained at the Nikulinsky court



Photo credits: Belga