A Communist deputy on the black list of “foreign agents”


OVD News with HRWF (15.06.2022) – https://bit.ly/39p5j9Y – The Syktyvkar City Court recognized as lawful the entry of the head of the Communist Party in the State Council of Komi Viktor Vorobyov in the register of media performing the functions of a “foreign agent”. This is reported by “7×7”.


Vorobyov tried to challenge the decision of the Ministry of Justice to include him in the list of “foreign agents”, but he was denied the claim. The court considered the actions of the department legal.

In early June, a protocol was drawn up on Vorobyov under the article on non-compliance with the requirements of the legislation on “foreign agents” (Part 1 of Art. 19.34.1 of the Administrative Code). The basis for the administrative case was a post in VKontakte of April 8, in which the deputy did not mark his status.


  • Viktor Vorobyov was entered in the register of “foreign agents” media on April 1. He became the first deputy of the legislative assembly to receive such status.
  • At the end of December 2020, the State Duma adopted amendments to the legislation on “foreign agents”. According to the new clarifications, the status of a “foreign agent” will be available to an individual engaged in political activities and receives money from abroad. Another bill prohibits the dissemination of information from “foreign agents” in the media without a special note. Tightening of legislation continued in February 2021.