Japan’s forceful de-conversions stopped

1 July 2016: Kidnapping and deprogramming of converts to new religious movements coming to an end in Japan 

Since the beginning of 2015 up to now, there have been no reports of converts to the Unification Church and Jehovah’s Witnesses being kidnapped and confined by family members for the purpose of forceful de-conversion.

Since the 1980s, thousands of converts had been abducted with the help of Evangelical/ Pentecostal pastors and confined for weeks, months or years in some cases to force them to recant their new faith. HRWF published the report “Japan: Abduction and Deprivation of Freedom for the Purpose of Religious De-Conversion” in 2011 and had also filed a complaint with the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva.

Nepalese Supreme Court Decision

8 March 2016: Decision of the Supreme Court of Nepal finally implemented by the authorities 

On 2nd March 2016, on request of HRWF Nepal, HRWF Int’l widely distributed a newsletter entitled “Government of Nepal reluctant in implementing a decision of the Supreme Court”. The issue was the long-standing failure of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Home Affairs and Police Headquarters to promote four Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs) in the post of Additional Inspector General of Police (AIGP) as per the Directives of the Supreme Court.

Six days after HRWF’s newsletter was disseminated, these DIGs were promoted to the post of AIGP by the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Nepal in accordance with the Supreme Court Decision.