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Sentences confirmed for 4 Baha’is from Varamin


Hrana / Sens Daily (30.05.2021) – – The Review Court for Tehran Province had confirmed the 3-year sentences of Mrs. Mona Mehraabi, Elhaam Karam-Pisheh, Afsaaneh Yaadgaar-Ardestaani and Mr.Ehsaan-Allah Yaadgaar-Ardestaani. They were charged with membership in an illegal organization with the aim of disrupting national security. The Judge of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran who handed down the 3-year sentences, Judge Muhammad-Reza Amouzad, said that the accused identified impoverished people and children who were abused or deprived of schooling, and gave them education.


Before the trial by Judge Muhammad-Reza Amouzad, in September or October 2018, they had been sentenced by a revolutionary court in Tehran in a secret trial without a hearing or defence, to five years in prison. Two other Baha’is were sentenced to five years in the secret trial of 2018: Safa Forqani-Araani and Mehrdaad Forqani-Araani.


Mrs. Elhaam Karam-Pisheh and Mona Mehraabi were arrested on February 16, 2015, in a raid on a meeting in Tehran where six Baha’is were present. All were separately interrogated in the house, and the two women were arrested in accordance with a warrant and taken away in a car from the Ministry of Intelligence. During the search, which lasted five hours, all the books, pictures and religious symbols of those present, as well as computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones, were seized. Mr. Ehsaan Yaadgaar was arrested in a neighbouring home at the same time, and again religious materials were seized. Mrs. Safa Forqani-Araani was arrested in a raid on her home [apparently in Tehran] on February 17, 2015, and her father Mehrdaad was arrested at his home in Varamin an hour later.



Six Baha’is sentenced in Borazjan: 10 years in prison


Hrana/ Sens Daily (26.05.2021) – – A Revolutionary Court in Borazjan, the chief city of Dashtestan county, Bushehr Province, has sentenced Borhan Ismaa`ili, Maryam Bashir, Faraanak Shaykhi, Haayedeh Raam, Minu Bashir and Darna Ismaa`ili.


Mr. Borhan Ismaa`ili was sentenced to eleven years on the charge of “propaganda against the regime by spreading the beliefs of the Baha’i sect and acting against security by disseminating Baha’i ideas.” The five women were sentenced to 12 years and six months in prison on the charge of “Supportion propaganda against the regime by spreading the beliefs of the Baha’i sect.


The court findings cited the accused’s involvement with child education and membership of the counter-revolutionary web site, Facebook. If the Review Court upholds these sentences, the accused will serve ten years in prison.



Tehran review court confirms sentences of 3 years and 7 months


Hrana/ Sens Daily (25.05.2021) – – Mrs. Marvash `Adaalati `Ali-Abaadi, Mrs. Sepideh Keshaavarz and Mr. Farid Ismaa`ili have been sentenced to three years and seven months in prison by the Review Court for Tehran Province. They were charged with “collusion intended to undermine national security by conducting Baha’i activities.” The Revolutionary Court, under Judge Muhammad-Reza Amouzad, had also given them concurrent sentences of eight months in prison for “promoting the Baha’i Faith.” The Review Court has not confirmed those sentences, but it makes no practical difference.



Six more detainees bailed in Baharestan 


Hrana / Sens Daily (24.05.2021) – – Five more of the Baha’i women recently arrested in, or in relation to, the city of Baharestan in Isfahan Province were bailed on May 22. They are Noushin Hemmat, Shouraangiz Behaamin, Saara Shakib, Azita Rezvaani and Sho`lah Ashuri. Bail was set at 200 million tumans (39,000 euros ; $US 47,000). Previously, Saanaaz Raasteh and Firouzeh Rastinejaad were bailed on May 20; Ruya Azaadkhush and Nasreen Khaademi were bailed on May 18, and Maryam Khursandi on May 17. All were released from Dawlatabad prison in Isfahan city.


According to a separate HRANA report, Mozhgaan Pourshafi` was bailed on May 23. The arrests and home raids across Baharestan began on April 25.



Eight Baha’is return to prison in Bandar Abbas


Hrana / Sens Daily (18.05.2021) – – In Bandar Abbas, eight Baha’i prisoners who were granted furlough on April 14 returned to prison on April 24. Previous reports did not indicate how long the furlough would be, but ten days is quite normal. The prisoners are Arash Raasekhi, Omid Afaaqi, Mehrollah Afshaar, Nasim Qanawaateyaan, Adib Haqq-pazhuh, Farhaad Amri, Maaraal Raasti and Mahnaaz Jaan-Nethaar. They began their one and two-year sentences in late February and early April, and the report does not indicate why they would be granted furlough so soon.

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