26.03.21 – House Church under attack in Guiyang

Guiyang Renai Reformed Church organized private meetings in a hotel room. After a police raid, three members and the elder were arrested.

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Tibetan buddhists

25.03.21 – Diluting Tibetan Buddhism to cancel an entire people

Bitter Winter’s review of the new report by International Campaign for Tibet. Destroying religion is the CCP’s preferred road to destroying Tibet’s culture and soul.

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Uyghur Muslims

27.03.21 – Confirmed: CCP hackers target pro-Uyghur accounts on Facebook

A secret group known as Earth Empusa or Evil Eye is attacking the accounts of those exposing repression in Xinjiang.

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The Church of Almighty God

19.03.21 – New tortures target Church of Almighty God members

Women and men are sentenced merely for being active in the church, and tortured and humiliated during their detention. Some suffer permanent harm.

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15.03.21 – Christian mistreated, tormented for refusing to give up belief

In July 2020, Li Huizhen (pseudonym), a Christian of The Church of Almighty God (CAG), was finally got out of prison after she completed her 3-year sentence term for her belief due to the CCP cruel persecution.

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Falun Gong

29.03.21 – 77-year-old Woman Sentenced to Four Years for Her Faith

After one and a half years of detention, Ms. Wang Xuezhen, 77, lost the ability to walk on her own due to the abuses in custody. She is now facing a dire situation after being sentenced to four years in prison on March 17, 2021, for upholding her faith in Falun Gong.

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29.03.21 – Shandong man sentenced to seven years for his faith

A Dongying City, Shandong Province, man secretly sentenced to seven years for practicing Falun Gong was transferred to the Shandong Province Prison on March 9, 2021, without his family’s knowledge

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24.03.21 – Falun Gong: Police cracks down on “Nine True Words” meditation

Suggesting meditation to help dealing with COVID-19 is regarded as “use of a xie jiao” and punished with heavy prison terms.

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25.03.21 – Yining (Xinjiang): ‘Thanks to you, the church has not been destroyed. But Catholics cannot use it ‘

Thanks to the pressure exerted by AsiaNews, the church of the Sacred Heart was not demolished. Tensions in the country over the seizure of land. The faithful had already removed the furnishings and decorations. But the building cannot be used because water, electricity and other services have been cut off by the government.

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22.03.21 – Vatican should speak up on China, scholar says

A Swedish scholar who studies China has called for the Vatican to speak up about human rights abuses by the Chinese government, noting that “dialogue on equal terms is not what is happening.”

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19.03.21 – Has the Vatican lost its voice in China?

2020 ended on a sad note for China–Vatican relations. News emerged on 30 December that two nuns from the unofficial Vatican office in Hong Kong were detained for three weeks in Hebei in May 2020. They were not allowed to return to Hong Kong and likely remain under house arrest.

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