Bishop acquitted for hate speech elected chairman of the International Lutheran Council (ILC)

HRWF (23.09.2022) – The International Lutheran Council (ILC) recently held the 2022 World Conference, where Bishop Juhana Pohjola was elected as its new chairman. 

The bishop has been on the front page of the worldwide media, ever since he, along with Member of Finish Parliament Päivi Räsänen, were accused of incitement against an ethnic group. The charges concerned Päivi Räsänen’s tweet quoting Romans 1 and her pamphlet on marriage (distributed by the publishing house led by Pohjola).


The ILC responded to that with the statement “A Protest and Call signed by the leaders of Lutheran church bodies around the world, expressing its concern about the breach of freedom of religion and speech.


They were both acquitted early this year, but the case has been reopened and there will be another trial next year. (Source: Evangelical Focus)

Photo: Bishop Juhana Pojhola during the conference. / ILC

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