FAKE NEWS CORNER: The 2nd May 2014 Tragedy in Odessa: Russian lies, lies, lies…

By Willy Fautré, Human Rights Without Frontiers


HRWF (06.05.2022) – https://bit.ly/39H51uZOn 5 May 2022, the spokesman of the Russian ambassador in Paris said on the French LCI TV channel that Ukrainian pro-Maidan activists had killed over 30 Ukrainian pro-Russian activists in 2014 and this was then a war crime!


As usual, it is the opposite that is true. In chronological order, Ukrainian pro-Russian activists then attacked pro-Maidan demonstrators in the center of the city and hours later staged another provocation kilometers from the center which got out of control and led to a human tragedy. By chance, I was there two weeks later, carried out an investigation for several days and published a report that was confirmed by the Council of Europe years later. Since 2014, Russia has repeated its lies again and again about the tragedy in Odessa.



Council of Europe Report HERE

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