Church of Almighty God: False demonstrations in Korea – Again

By Liu Ya’nan

Bitter Winter (26.08.2022) – – The testimony of a CAG devotee on how the CCP brought his father to “look for his son” in Korea—but things didn’t go as the CCP had planned.

My name is Liu Ya’nan, and I am a Christian of The Church of Almighty God (CAG), whose history and persecution have been described several times by Bitter Winter. I and my wife Cui Haoyu were persecuted in China for our faith. We fled to South Korea in 2015, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) never stopped its persecution against me or its harassment against my family.

On August 15, 2022, one of my co-religionists came to me and said, “This morning, an elderly man in his 60s came to our church in Onsu, accompanied by three officers from the police branch of Oryudong in Guro district of Seoul city. He said that he came from China to look for his son. Judging by the information he provided, it should be you whom he is looking for. Will you contact the elderly man to confirm it?”

The news was beyond my belief: “Really my father came?” I remembered that in 2019, my father was threatened and lured by the CCP to South Korea, and followed pro-CCP activist Ms. O Myung-ok in joining a demonstration in the name of “looking for relatives” in front of the gate of the CAG premises in Onsu. At that time, my father was manipulated by the CCP and persuaded to participate in defaming the CAG. Only when he was about to leave South Korea was he allowed to meet me in a hurry. At that time, I promised to him that if he would manage to come back to visit me in South Korea, he could directly contact the CAG in advance, and the CAG would inform me. I repeatedly exhorted him not to come with CCP personnel.

So I thought, why does he come with police officers now? Is this a new maneuver by the CCP?


Photo : Liu Ya’nan and his wife spending quality time in Seoul with Liu’s father, contrary to the false narrative of the CCP.

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