Navalny revealed Putin’s Palace video.
A small group of talented and unafraid young people from the independent media “NEXTA” did the same with Lukashenko in Belarus. Watch it here.
Lukashenko is not exactly poor and his lifestyle is not that of a monk. Courageous people from NEXTA working from a safe place in Poland reveal the hidden face of Belarus’ dictator in a 29-minute documentary in an exceptional documentary that you can watch here. You will see how he accumulated his wealth which he robbed from his people.
The original documentary was long and in Russian. The version you will watch has been shortened and completed with English subtitles by Vladimir Weissman. You can watch other videos about Belarus on his YouTube channel.
A webinar on Belarus on 20 May
On Thursday 20 May, from 14:30 until 16:00 CET, IPHR, Norwegian Helsinki Committee, Global Diligence LLP and Truth Hounds are hosting an event on the situation in Belarus and the role of the ICC in the fight for justice and accountability in the country.
Please join in and feel free to pass on this invite to whomever you think might be interested. The event requires registration, here is a link: