Algerian Christians receive reduced fine for “unauthorized worship” – International Christian Concern (09.05.2022) – – A group of 11 Algerian Christians, originally arrested at the end of 2021, received a reduced sentence fine for “unauthorized worship” on April 28. The 11 Algerians, plus one French guest speaker, gathered in Tizi-Ouzou on December 4 for an event.

The police raided the gathering and arrested everyone for unauthorized non-Muslim worship, including the Christian who owned the space that was rented out. A judge sentenced the group to six months suspended sentence and a fine of 200,000 dinars (about $1440 USD). The French national paid the fine and then immediately left the country. The remaining Christians appealed in court on April 14 and received a verdict on April 28 that reduced the fine to 100,000 dinars but retained the suspended prison sentence.

Another Algerian Christian, located in Ain El Hamam, was acquitted twice, most recently on March 24. Authorities charged the pastor with unauthorized worship in his home and unauthorized broadcasting on social networks in January. Despite doing both for many years, he suddenly faced persecution for his evangelistic efforts. The Christian man was acquitted and, after the prosecution appealed, acquitted again in March.

Algerian authorities severely restrict the ability of Christians to worship in the country, including the closure of churches and the arrest of Christians living out their faith.