See damage to the Monastery of Qaraqosh:  

See the liberation of the Christian village Karamles:

France 24 (25.10.2016) – FRANCE 24’s reporters followed an Iraqi armored column into the Christian village of Karamles, 15 kilometres east of Mosul, shortly after it was cleared of Islamic State (IS) group militants.

Nine days into the start of their offensive, coalition forces have liberated a string of towns and villages around Mosul, Iraq‘s second-largest city and the capital of the jihadist group’s self-proclaimed “caliphate”. 

Iraqi elite troops and Kurdish peshmerga are leading a multi-pronged offensive on Mosul, opening several fronts to the south, east and north of the city, with air support from the US-led coalition. 

But the IS group has mounted a stiff defence, hitting back with shelling, sniper fire, suicide car bombs and booby traps.

In Karamles, FRANCE 24’s reporters found a network of tunnels dug underneath an ancient Christian shrine, which the jihadists had turned into a bunker.

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