Now This News (25.03.2019) –– Trump official Scott Lloyd tracked the menstrual cycles of teen migrants to stop them from obtaining access to legal abortions.


American Bridge obtained a 28-page spreadsheet from the government, which lists pregnant teen and pre-teen migrant girls, how far along their pregnancies were, if the pregnancy was a result of consensual sex, if an abortion was asked for, and notes including last menstrual cycles.


Lloyd was the head of Trump’s Office of Refugee Resettlement. He is an anti-abortion activist with virtually no prior relevant experience. Under him, the agency denied migrant girls their right to an abortion, despite being ruled illegal in a recent lawsuit.


Instead of providing pregnant minors with options, Lloyd and his staff pushed them to get anti-abortion counseling. A judge ordered the government to stop blocking this access to abortion on March 30, 2018. But there are entries on the spreadsheet that date back as late as June 2018, meaning that Lloyd might have blocked abortions after this ruling.

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