Description of the video: What happened in Odessa in late winter and early spring of 2014 was identical to the events in Donetsk and Lugansk regions: “Russian marshes” and rallies with Russian flags whose participants demanded protection against “Kiev junta” and sought to establish Odessa People’s Republic. It brought a war to Donbass, while Odessa still lives in peace. Kremlin’s Russian Spring project to tear away eight south-eastern regions of Ukraine from the rest of the country failed. Why did it happen? And what happened on May 2, 2014? Participants of those events are now talking about it. The documentary is based on the independent investigation carried out by May 2 Group.

By Elizaveta Tatarinova; Camera: Victor Levchuk and Oleksiy Didyk; TTB Studio Production.





List of the names of interviewees


Zoya Kazhandi

Journalist, blogger, and civic activist. Odessa Euromaidan activist. From May 4, 2014, to June 2015, advisor to the Governor of Odessa Region.


Oleksandr Ostapenko 

Retired army colonel, PhD in military science, coordinator of Odessa Euromaidan (2013-2014), Deputy Governor of Odessa Region (May 2014), now assistant professor, EU Integration Department Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration


Mykhailo Shmushkovych

Member of the Executive Committee, Odessa City Council. From December 2014 to November 2015, Chairman of Odessa Regional Council. In May 2014, member of the Odessa Regional Council representing the Party of Regions.


Oleh Konstantinov

Journalist, editor-in-chief of “Dumskaya” news agency, participant of May 2 events.

Covered the clashes in Hretska Square for “Dumskaia” news agency from 5 pm. Around 6 pm, he received a case-shot wound.


Serhiy Dibrov

Journalist, blogger, civic activist. “Dumskaya” news agency columnist, member of “May 2 Group”.


Vitaliy Kozhuhar

Deputy Commander of Odessa. Self-Defence forces on May2, 2014.


Serhiy Rudyk

Odessa Militia activist, participant of May 2 events.


Vitaliy Svichinskiy

Commander of Odessa. Self Defence forces on May 2, 2014.


Serhiy Dolzhenkov

Ne of the leaders of Odessa Militia who was accused of inciting May 2 riots in Odessa.


Dmytro Fuchedzhi

Deputy Chief of Odessa Regional Police for public security at the time of the events.


Vladyslav Serdiuk

Police lieutenant colonel (retired), member of May 2 Group.


Oleksandr Herasimov

Odessa Antimaidan activist, participant of May 2 events.


Yuriy Mukan

Firearms and explosives expert, member of May 2 group.


Vladimir Ivanov

Father of the murdered, Ihor Ivanov.


Ihor Ivanov

Lawyer, member of the “Odessa Right Sector”. At 4:22 pm, he was fatally wounded during the clash in Hretska Square. Euromaidan supporter Andriy Biriukov also died fro, gunshot wounds sustained at the same time. The firearms involved have never been found.


Luka Losynskiy

Father of the murdered, Yevhen Losynskiy.


Yevhen Losynskiy

Participated in May 2 events among Kulykove Poie activists. He was fatally wounded with case-shot in Hretska Square. Other people who were wounded and died were Hennadiy Petrov, Oleksandr Zhulkov and Mykola Yavorskiy.


Vasyl Cheglatonev

Head of the operating facility, municipal ambulance station.


Maksym Mykhailov

Football fan, participant of May 2 events.


Serhiy Dmitriev

Antimaidan activist, superintendent of the tent camp in Kulykove Pole, participant of May 2 events.



Eyewitness of May 2 events.



Kulykove Pole Activist, participant of May 2 events.


Vladsylav Balinskiy

Chemistry expert, member of May 2 Group.


Oleh Kutskiy

Photographer, was covering May 2 events in Kulykove Pole.


Vladimir Sarkistan

Toxicologist, Member of May 2 Group.


Tetiana Herasymova

Journalist, coordinator of the 2nd of May Group.


Hobart Earle

American conductor. People’s Artist of Ukraine. Has been living in Odessa since 1991. Music Director and Principal Conductor of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra.


Aleksandr Filippov

Archpriest, Dean of Odessa Cathedral of Intercession of the Virgin, Kyiv Patriarchate, Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Army chaplain, volunteer. In 1992-1997 was a warrant officer at the Interior Troops of the Russian Federation.


Ilia Khusid

Fifth generation Odessa resident, member of Odessa teams in popular comedy TV shows in the 1980s-90s.


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