Interfax – Ukraine (01.04.2019) –– As of 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, the National Police of Ukraine received 2,199 appeals and reports of violations during the regular presidential election.


“As of 22:00, the police received 2,199 appeals and reports related to the electoral process. Most violations were recorded in Dnipropetrovsk region – 317, the city of Kyiv had 278 of violations, Donetsk region – 215, Odesa – 200 violations, Kharkiv – 197, and Poltava – 101. Thirty-nine criminal proceedings have been opened,” Viktoria Navrotska, the deputy director of the liaison department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine wrote on her Facebook page.


The ministry clarified that these facts are related to: illegal campaigning – 135; photographing ballots – 129; voters’ bribery – 45; bulletin damage – 34; a false bomb threat – 18; an attempt to remove the bulletin from the polling station – 13. Thirty-nine criminal proceedings have been opened.


Situation on 1 April at 9.42 am.

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