i24NEWS (12.01.2020) – – Jews in Uman, place of final rest for Rabbi Nachman, setting up self-defense group after pogrom-style attack.


At least four people were hospitalized after an angry mob of at least 30 people armed with sticks and knives attacked Jewish pilgrims Friday night in Ukraine’s town of Uman.

The incident was reported by head of Ukraine’s Jewish Committee Eduard Dolinsky in a Facebook post on Sunday.


According to local media reports, the pogrom-style attack began with a minor strife between a Jew and one of the local residents.


The situation escalated as the Uman resident called in his friends to stage violent attacks on Jews, as reported.


According to the witness accounts cited by the outlets, the police arrived on the scene but did little to protect the victims as the mob raged through the town, specifically seeking out Jews.


Referring to the incident as a ‘pogrom’, Dolinsky said the Uman Jews will set up self-defense groups due to the authorities’ inaction.


Uman is the resting place of Rabbi Nachman, founder of Breslover Hassidic movement, with thousands of Orthodox Jews visiting the place every year to pray at the grave. The number of pilgrims rockets around Rosh a-Shana, the Jewish New Year.


The pilgrimages have not been well-received with some of the local residents, however, with anti-Semitic incidents reported in the area before.

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