Searches were conducted in the homes of five Muslims

SOVA (12.10.2016) – –  On 12th October 2016, in the Art Institute in Kamenka (a Simferopol Suburb), police conducted raids on the homes of five Muslim men who had recently returned from the Hajj in Mecca and detained at least three of them under suspicion of collaborating with Hizb ut-Tahrir.


The searches were carried out in the framework of the criminal case initiated under Art. 205.5 of the criminal code (Organizing the activities of a terrorist organization and participing in the activities of such an organization).


The following persons are suspected of collaboration with the group “Hizb ut-Tahrir”, which is banned in Russia:

Timur Abdullaev (ch. 1, Art. 205.5 of the criminal code),
Uzeyir Abdullayev (ch. 2, Art. 205.5 of the criminal code),
Rustem Ismailov (ch. 2, Art. 205.5 of the criminal code),
Eider Saledinova (ch. 2, Art. 205.5 of the criminal code)
and Emil Dzhemadenova (ch. 2, Art. 205.5 of the criminal code).


Let it be known that we believe that the prosecution of member of “Hizb ut-Tahrir”, the propaganda of terrorism only on the basis of party activities such as meeting and reading literature related to Islam and the Russian pursuit of their anti-terrorist articles are an unlawful oppression of the Muslim people.


(Translation Russian-English by Olga Vladimirovna Allen for HRWF)

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