Prime Minister Shmyhal: average wage of UAH 15,000 (450 EUR), average pension of UAH 5,000 (150 EUR) is the goal we must pursue

Ukrinform (05.09.2020) – –  Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal believes that an average wage of UAH 15,000 and an average pension of UAH 5,000 are sufficient for life.


“UAH 15,000 is the average wage, and it would be good to have an average pension of at least 30% of it. Speaking specifically, the average wage of UAH 15,000, the average pension of UAH 5,000. This is the goal which we should pursue. Do not take this as a promise, take it as the parameters we are striving for,” Shmyhal said on the air of Ukraina 24 TV Channel, asked what the average wage and the average pension should be in Ukraine to have enough for life.


The prime minister noted that today the average wage is UAH 11,000, and the average pension is UAH 3,000.


“Probably this is not enough, I would like Ukrainians to receive more decent wages and pensions,” Shmyhal stressed.


HRWF Comment


One can wonder if such a Prime Minister saying a pension of 150 EUR per month would be sufficient to live deserves his position. This amount is not even sufficient to pay the bills for heating, electricity, water and other utilities.


Currently, the average pension is around 90 EUR, much lower than what he says.


Poverty of Ukrainian citizens is the price they pay in their daily lives for the unsolved corruption problems in government, parliament, judiciary and business since the independence.

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