By Willy Fautré

HRWF (18.05.2018) – The training of imams, delivered in Arabic, within the Islamic and Cultural Centre of Belgium (known as “the CICB”), which houses the Grand Mosque of Brussels, is currently inciting followers to enter into armed jihad “for getting closer to God”, “to break the neck” of Druze and Alawite religious minorities, to throw down homosexuals from the top of buildings and to despise Jews.

These conclusions emerged in a report by the Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (“OCAM”) that the daily newspaper La Libre Belgique could recently read. The analysis dated 26 February covers the academic year 2016 to 2017, and was recently submitted to the Parliamentary Review Committee for the Implications of the Brussels Attacks in March 2016.

The OCAM says that the report, being around 40 pages, gives a frightening picture of the contents of training manuals used for classes by the CICB which is still dependent upon funding from Saudi Arabia until March 2019 and received 4.5 million EUR from Ryad in the last four years.

It must be recalled that upon recommendation by the parliamentary review committee, the government severed the Grand Mosque concession, giving a year’s notice, following which the Grand Mosque will be entrusted to the Belgian Muslim Executive (known as the ‘EMB’).

Works mainly distributed in the French-speaking part of Belgium

The Grand Mosque of Brussels is part of the controversial World Islamic League. Since its foundation, it has spread Wahhabi Salafist doctrines in Belgium. These teachings reproduce, without any discernment, classical versions of Islamic law and doctrines dating back to the 9th – 12th centuries, the OCAM explains.

The problem is that, although the Grand Mosque will no longer be the property of Saudi Arabia, its manuals have been distributed and will go on circulating in other mosques of the country and even in prisons, mainly in the French-speaking part, according to the OCAM.

In 1984, the CICB created its own sharia school which became the European Islamic Institute. This is the place where imams, preachers and teachers of Muslim religion of the second and third generation are prepared. The training in Arabic lasts four years under the direction of the Egyptian imam Abd al-Hady Swayf. The training in French under the leadership of the Senegalese imam Muhammad Ndaye Galaye is considered moderate.

A manual favored by Al-Qaïda

One of the manuals used in Brussels in the third grade is “The main principles of Sunni Muslims“. According to the OCAM, “in the 80s-90s, this manual was part of the pedagogical material used by the Arab djihadist circles around and within the central leadership of d’Al-Qaïda”. This brochure incites Sunni Muslims to resort to the armed fight with their leaders, whether they are under the guidance of Allah or corrupt in order to impose the rule of Islam laws. In the same material, Druzes and Alawites, who are to be found in Syria around  Bashar Al-Assad but also elsewhere, are considered “misguided polytheists”.

Another manual, “The Voice of the Muslim”, sold in bookshops in Europe, indicates that “armed djihad is one of the highest forms of getting close to Allah and the most noble form of religious practice”. Concerning the homosexuals, it proposes, like Daesh, three types of execution: stoning, funeral pyre or “find the highest building in the village (or town) and throw the homosexual from its top, head down, and finish him by stoning”.

Anti-Semitic teachings

A third manual, dealing with other religions and drafted by a contemporary Saudi theologian is a masterpiece of anti-Semitism. It teaches that Jews are “traitors, infidels and impostors”, “obscene and vulgar”, “cruel and insensible”, “greedy, avid and avaricious”. According to this famous theologian, “Jews use violence, power and terror to control the world”.

The book refers to the “Protocols of Zion”, a fiction created at the beginning of the 20th century by the Russian tsarist intelligence and used to fuel all the plot theories in the Middle East. The manual also attacks the Freemasons who depicted as a “secret Jewish organization” whose objective is to put in place secular republic instead of religious states in the world.

Some members of the Belgian Parliamentary Commission having read the OCAM report envisage possible judicial prosecutions.

An encouraging sign though is the OCAM stating that a new generation of imams in Belgium is arguing for a contemporary interpretation of the Islamic texts.


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