By Janene Pieters


NL Times (14.09.2020) – – A home in Amsterdam Oost twice had fireworks bombs explode in front of it over the weekend. Resident Jesper Raaijman believes that his home is being targeted because of the rainbow flag hanging from his balcony, he said to Het Parool.


“I was sitting on my couch with my curtains open a little when I heard something fall on my balcony and someone running away,” the 35-year-old man said to the newspaper. “I went to see what was going on, and then saw a red flash. I realized I had to get away because the glass may shatter. That didn’t happen, but my flower box was blown up.”


That was around 8:45 p.m. on Saturday. On Sunday at 8:15 p.m., another fireworks bomb exploded in front of Raaijman’s home, then on the ground floor.


Raaijman is shaken. “I just hope it stays at that,” he said to the newspaper. He is also worried about the children who play in the area. They could get hurt if there are more attacks.


He, with the rest of the Oostpoort neighborhood, hung rainbow flags to show solidarity with a gay couple in the area, whose rainbow flag was pelted with eggs in two incidents at the end of July. On August 19th, Raaijman’s home was also targeted. A friend looking after his house opened the balcony doors and had rotten eggs thrown at her.


“More attention needs to be paid to this. I think that this must not be possible for Amsterdam standards, that this happens that apparently you cannot have a rainbow flag hanging on your balcony,” he said to the newspaper.


A spokesperson for the Amsterdam police confirmed the two fireworks bomb incidents to Het Parool, and that Raaijman pressed charges. The police’s team focused on anti-LGBTQ incidents is investigating.

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