RUSSIA: Russian anti-cultist Alexander Dvorkin attacks Hindus (01.02.2017) – – This is the second scandal with the involvement of FECRIS vise-president Alexander Dvorkin that effects Russian-Indian relations. The story begun more than year ago and involved the Center for Promotion of Conservation and Development of Indian Culture “Shri Prakash Dham” founded by Hindu Shri Prakash Ji in Moscow area and officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of Russia in 2002. Shri Prakash Ji has lived in Russia for more than 27 years.

The Russian federal news agency Rosbalt wrote that Hindus have accused the Orthodox theologian of discrimination on religious grounds. Referring to Prasun Prakash (son of Shri Prakash Ji) the news agency wrote:

“…he and his family were subjected of attacks by the President of “Russian Association of centers for study religions and sects” and the “Center for religious studies in the name of the Holy Martyr Irenaeus” headed by Alexander Dvorkin, as well as his “accomplices”. Russian Indian claims that Dvorkin systematically “defiles Hinduism as a world religion and hurts the feelings of hundreds of millions of believers around the world” on its Internet-resource and in social media

In this regard, Prasun Prakash calls his friends, acquaintances and public in general, including people who could somehow influence the situation, ‘to pay attention to the activities carried out by Alexander Dvorkin and his associates which is illegal and undermines friendly relations between Russia and India’”

After an attack in December 2016 on the home of Prasun Prakash and his family, he initiated online petition:

“I humbly urge the heads of both states, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of both countries, Mr. Sergey Lavrov and Mrs. Sushma Swaraj, and the representatives of the Embassy of India in Russia, to turn their attention towards this urgent issue, and enable the Hindus in Russia to lead a peaceful life with assurance of safety against any kind of persecution from radical elements like Mr. Alexander Dvorkin and his accomplices.”

It should also be noted that Shri Prakash Ji, acting within the legal framework, is seeking protection from the religious extremists in court. The last hearing took place on 19 January 2017, but it has been rescheduled for 13 February, Prasun Prakash said on his Facebook page:

“The hearing supposed to be the final and the whole community waited for our victory this day. But the public is also aware of how the radical elements in person of Alexander Dvorkin love to use petty tools by which they manage to delay the process.

This is done to gain time and utilize it to continue spreading slander through paid publications and TV shows. Also a second goal is pursued — attracting false witnesses who do not even know against whom and what they testify.

Thus, the mud is used as advertising to attract witnesses-actors or in the case of our hearing — the actor who plays the role of the new administrator the RACSRS’s web-site [the web-site of the Russian Association of Centers for Study Religions and Sects – our note]. In this regard, the hearing was postponed on February 13. Considering the fact that before the hearing Alexander Dvorkin and his attorney had long time negotiation with the new administrator, I have no doubts that this is another shameless attempt to win time for new attacks on my religion, my Father and family, as well as on our cultural center and millions believers of Hinduism around the world.”

Details on the mechanism of protraction of the judicial system have been explained by a correspondent of the Moscovskaya Pravda newspaper, who was present at the hearing:

“It became clear that Anna Nikolaeva [secretary of Dvorkin – our note] has no more to do with the web-site, because she resigned from her post, and from December 9, 2016 the administrator is a different person.

But if get former administrator out of the trial, there are no legal basis to continue the trial in the Lublin District Court because the new administrator is registered in the Vladimir Region. So the legal proceedings has to start in another region — essentially from scratch. But interest of the plaintiff is to get final decision without delay.”

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