RUSSIA: Jews become target of anti-extremism tactics

HRWF (03.10.2018) – The misuse of the anti-extremism legislation in Russia is now hitting all religious communities outside the Russian Orthodox Church.


Search conducted in office of Moscow Jewish community for extremism case (10.08.2018) –


Capital police conducted a search in the Moscow Jewish religious community while conducting an inspection with respect to the leader of the “Shakhar” Jewish movement, Alexander Kargin.


“Today personnel of the Center for Combating Extremism of the Directorate of Internal Affairs (UVD) for the Central Administrative District of the Chief Directorate of the Russian MVD for Moscow arrived at the office. During a search, nationalist literature was discovered, which did not belong to Kargin and clearly had been planted in the office,” Kargin’s lawyer, Igor Zuber, told Interfax on Friday [10 Aug.].


The activist himself also thinks that extremist literature was planted on him. “The literature seized was planted on me. At the same time, a large part of the planted literature has an antisemitic character,” he told Interfax.


The lawyer described how the inspection was conducted within the context of checking on a report against Kargin, which had been received.


“As indicated in the text of the order for conducting an investigation, law enforcers conducted an inspection to find the commission of actions aimed at inciting hatred or strife along with debasing of a group of persons associated on the basis of ethnic and religious identity,” the lawyer summed up.


He said that Kargin had been summoned to the police to give explanations next week. (tr. by PDS, posted 13 August 2018)


“E” Center conducts search in office of Moscow Jewish religious community


Medusa, (10.08.2018) –


Personnel of the “E” Center conducted a search in the office of a Moscow Jewish religious community within the framework of an inspection concerning the leader of a Zionist organization, “Shakhar,” Alexander Kargin.


According to attorney Igor Zuber, MVD personnel announced the discovery in the office of nationalist literature, which, he said, was “clearly planted.” Kargin noted that some of the books have an “antisemitic character.” “Books like ‘Catechism of an Orthodox Person’ and ‘The Final Solution of the Jewish Question’ were supposedly kept by ME! A Jewish leader!,” he wrote on his VKontakte page.


The inspection was begun on the basis of a report by unidentified persons and it was conducted, Zuber said, on the basis of article 282 of the CC RF (“Inflaming hatred or strife along with debasing human dignity”). Kargin was summoned to the police to give explanations. (tr. by PDS, posted 13 August 2018)


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