CHINA: Woman tortured to death by Chinese police: the case of Huang Guorong

HRWF (04.12.2018) Huang Guorong, was born on 22 July 1961 and lived in the Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau Shilin Farm in Heilongjiang Province. In 2002, she joined The Church of Almighty God. Around 16 April 2013, she was arrested by the local police during a religious gathering and was locked up in a detention center for the crime of “organizing and using a superstitious sect or Xiejiao organization, and using superstitions to undermine the enforcement of the law.” While she was detained, Huang Guorong was not only beaten and given electric shocks by the police, but was also brutally force-fed feces. After 69 days of detention she began to suffer psychologically and physically; she had injuries all over her body, she was unable to walk, could not eat or drink, and was completely incontinent. She wasn’t able to take care of herself at all. On 10 July, she died without ever having the chance to clear her name; she was just 52-years-old.


Arrested and detained for attending a gathering


Around 16 April 2013, while Huang Guorong was in a gathering with another church member, they were arrested by Zhou Kai and two other officers from the Shichang Police Station. The police found faith-related books and CDs at their gathering site. They handcuffed Huang Guorong and took her and the books to the Shichang Police Station.


The next day, they locked her up in the Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau Detention Center for the crime of “organizing and using a superstitious sect or Xiejiao organization, and using superstitions to undermine the enforcement of the law.”


When her family learned of her detainment, they went to the detention center to see her on three separate occasions but were denied visitation every time.


Tortured to breakdown after 69 days of detainment


On 23 June, the detention center notified Huang Guorong’s son asking him to handle procedures to have her released on bail pending trial. Her son demanded that he be allowed to see her before going through the formalities. The police pretended to go call for her, and returned to the son saying that she wasn’t willing to come out – he had to take care of the formalities first. After he had paid 5,000 RMB in bail and handled the other procedures, four people carried Huang Guorong out of the detention center. They left her rolling around on the ground, yelling gibberish.


After they brought her home, Huang Guorong’s family discovered that she didn’t even recognize her own children. When they changed her clothing they discovered that from the neck down, her entire chest was black and blue; her ribs, her belly, and her four limbs were all purple and covered with wounds.


Medical treatment ineffective


That evening, Huang Guorong’s family took her to Raohe County Hospital to treat her external wounds. At this time, she was in a very precarious psychological state; she would start trembling and crying out when seeing a person’s shadow or hearing someone’s voice.


The morning of 25 June, Huang Guorong’s mind cleared for a little while—this was the only time she was fully awake after her release. Her son hurriedly asked her how she had been injured and whether the police had beaten her; she confirmed this. He then asked her why she wouldn’t eat, she replied, “I’m hungry but I don’t dare eat!” Her son asked, “What are you afraid of?” Huang Guorong said, “When they gave me food they mixed it with feces and made me eat it.”


Her family then took her to the Mudanjiang Hospital for treatment. Upon examining her, the doctor said that she had to be admitted to the ICU, but her family had no way of handling the daily medical expenses of over 10,000 RMB.


Around 20:00 on 10 July, 2013 Huang Guorong left this world without clearing her name.


No recourse, nowhere to turn


Before her passing, Huang Guorong’s family went to the Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau Discipline Inspection Committee to plead their case, but were threatened by the employees there, who said that if they continued to cause trouble they’d arrest them all. They then went to the Public Security Bureau, but the police refused to release the surveillance videos from the detention center. Huang Guorong’s family hired a lawyer to go with them to review the footage from the Public Security Bureau’s monitoring room, but there was an issue with the equipment, which their lawyer said was the authorities intentionally not allowing them to see the footage. In order to seek justice for Huang Guorong, her family posted a video to Baidu revealing her persecution by the CCP, but it was removed just ten minutes after being uploaded. They then contacted the Tencent news network on QQ, but before they had even finished describing the circumstances surrounding Huang Guorong’s death, the network said: “No, no one can report on this kind of news.”


On 17 July, Huang Guorong’s family went to the detention center to request the bail money that had never been refunded. One employee admitted that Huan Guorong had been tied up and beaten by fellow detainees, and that after learning of this the director did nothing about it. When the police discovered she had had a mental breakdown, not only did they refuse to give her treatment, but they intentionally delayed notifying her family for six or seven days so that they could pay the bail amount.


At Huang Guorong’s grave, her family said: “Such a healthy person—being killed this way was such an injustice! We want to seek redress for you, but that’s impossible with the CCP in power. There’s nowhere to take our case!” Huang Guorong’s family looks forward to the day that the truth will see the light of day.


Those responsible for Huang Guorong’s death include:


  • Zhou Kai, male, over 30, policeman of Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau Shilin Farm in Heilongjiang Province;


  • Zeng Zhibin, male, Director of Public Security Bureau of Hulin City, Heilongjiang Province;


  • Ding Yuquan, male, Deputy Director of Public Security Bureau of Hulin City, Heilongjiang Province;


  • Zhang Wenjun, male, Political Commissar of Public Security Bureau of Hulin City, Heilongjiang Province;


  • Wang Changhong, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Party Committee of Dongfanghong Forestry Bureau of Hulin City, Heilongjiang Province;


  • Ji Guosheng, male, Director of the Dongfanghong Detention Center of Hulin City, Heilongjiang Province


HRWF Comment

Members of The Church of Almighty God applying for refugee status in the EU, South Korea, Australia, Canada, the United States should be granted political asylum and should never be sent back to China.



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