Helsingborgs imam, Samir El Rifai, attacked Jews and called them “offspring of the monkeys and pigs” during a speech at Gustav Adolf’s square in Helsingborg. (10.05.2019) – – he incident was reported to the police, among others by the Jewish congregation in Helsingborg.


Now Samir El Rifai is being prosecuted for hate against an ethnic group.


Samir El Rifai was at the time of the speech working at a mosque in Helsingborg. He held the controversial speech on July 21 two years ago, in connection with a demonstration organized by the Swedish-Palestinian Center in protest against Israel limiting the possibility of entering the al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.


During the speech, Samir El Rifai will make several anti-Semitic statements. He has said, among other things, that Jews are the apes and the offspring of the swine and that the Jews are not waiting to deceive, they have done so against several peoples, and also against Mohammed’s people.


After the speech, three police reports were filed on incitement to the ethnic group. One of the notifications was made by the Jewish congregation in Helsingborg.


It is especially worrying when a religious leader expresses himself, Josefin Thorell, chairman of the Jewish congregation in northwestern Scania, has previously said to Kvällsposten.

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