24.08.20 – Numerous temples shuttered in two Shaanxi province’s cities

Buddhist, Taoist, and folk religion temples suffered severe attacks in the prefecture-level cities of Baoji and Yan’an last year: some were closed, others destroyed.

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23.08.20 – Bans on religious funeral ceremonies further expanded

The CCP enforces strict measures to prohibit people from saying goodbye to their deceased devout family members according to religious traditions and customs.

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22.08.20 – Crosses toppled from over 900 three-self churches in Anhui

 Throughout the province, local authorities cracked down on state-run Protestant churches to implement the central government’s order to eliminate crosses.

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22.08.20 – Bitter Winter for the international day commemorating the victims of acts of violence based on religion or belief

A digest of persecution in China for August 22, the International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief.

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20.08.20 – 1,634 Church of Almighty God members arrested in first half of 2020

 Mass arrest operations were planned across China before the coronavirus outbreak. If it were not for the pandemic, even more people could have been detained.

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20.08.20 – Core socialist values invade places of worship

The CCP distorts religious teachings by forcing churches, temples, and mosques to preach according to the government-prescribed scripture.

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19.08.20 – Officials exhume and burn bodies to promote cremation

Implementing the central government’s “funeral reform” drive, officials in Hebei Province’s Xingtai city use drastic measures to please their superiors.

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19.08.20 – Spirit breaking: On mosque rectification and cultural genocide

A public toilet installed on the remains of the Tokul mosque in Xinjiang—and other rites of humiliation the CCP performs against religion.

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