19.07.20 – ‘We choke with silent fury’

Buddhists are devastated as local authorities continue implementing the central government’s orders to demolish outdoor religious statues.

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18.07.20 – USCIRF exposes european “experts” who support CCP campaigns against “cults”

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom publishes a document against Russian anti-cultist Alexander Dvorkin and his organization FECRIS, both supporters of religious persecution in China.

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16.07.20 – People on social welfare ordered to worship CCP, not God

Because of the aid they get from the state, impoverished religious residents are told to renounce their faith, or their benefits will be withdrawn.

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16.07.20 – Folk religion temples continue to be demolished nationwide

Local officials are pressured to crack down on religions under threats to be expelled from the CCP and fired from their public office if they disobey.

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15.07.20 – In China, ‘civilized’ means having nothing to do with religion

Offering monetary rewards and praises, the CCP encourages communities to do away with religions to be named a “civilized village, town, or city.”

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15.07.20 – The “corpse-in-concrete” case in Vietnam: fake news against Falun Gong

A small religious group commits two murders. The CCP accuses Falun Gong, repeating the scheme it used against The Church of Almighty God with the 2014 McDonald’s incident.

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14.07.20 – Are Uyghurs really freed from internment camps?

Having declared that over 90 % of detained Uyghurs in Xinjiang had been released, the CCP continues subjecting them to forced labor in the region’s factories.

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14.07.20 – Control over CCP members’ religious beliefs intensifies

Authorities across China adopt strict measures barring Party members from having any affiliation with religion and traditional Chinese spiritual practices.

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13.07.20 – Religious liberty in Tibet: from bad to worse

Bitter Winter interviews Dr. Dominic Nardi, China policy analyst at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

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13.07.20 – Uyghurs: Yes, it is a genocide. A new report

Campaign for Uyghurs, chaired by Ms. Rushan Abbas, offers evidence of the criminal policies of the CCP, and calls for an international trial.

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12.07.20 – 400+ protestant venues destroyed or closed in Shangrao City

The CCP continues cracking down on house churches and state-approved venues in the southeastern province of Jiangxi.

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