HRWF (01.12.2016) – While he was celebrating the mass in the parish church of Nuestra Señora de Covadonga in Madrid on 17 November, Fr. Lino Hernando was attacked at the altar by an unknown person who threw him to the ground, kicked and insulted him. The aggressor also threw around consecrated hosts and other worship items from the altar. The police was immediately alerted and arrested the vandal.


On 8 October, another priest was brutally attacked by several people in the Santa Rita Church in Vigo. Fr Antonio Rodrigues, 83, lapsed into a coma and was urgently transferred to hospital as he was at risk of brain damage from blood clots.


No further information about these two cases, the identity of the aggressors and prosecution could be found on internet.


Source: ACI Prensa (18 November)


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