HRWF (25.10.2019) – According to the EU Observer, a Russian migrant started a hunger strike to protest the denial of his 71-year old mother-in-law’s residency permit because she was unable to pass the required Latvian language exam. The Moscow Times was cited as the primary source.


Human Rights Without Frontiers has further investigated this case and has discovered that Kirill Ivanov, a Russian citizen, migrated to Latvia in 2013 or 2014 with his wife and their parents. His wife now has a permanent residence permit, but the rest of their family has only been granted temporary permits.


Ivanov’s mother-in-law has developed dementia since they moved to Latvia and needs appropriate medical assistance. However, the EU Observer reports that the Latvian health authorities are denying that she has dementia.


According to Ivanov, his mother-in-law’s temporary permit will only be renewed if she demonstrates that she has EUR 15,500. They have appealed the refusal to issue her a permanent residence permit, and it is currently being processed by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.


About one third of Latvia’s population are Russians, many of whom are stateless.


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