New searches and interrogations for faith in Krasnoyarsk, Quran confiscated


Stetson (17.07.2019) / JW in Russia (15.07.2019) – – On 9 and 11 July 2019, in Krasnoyarsk, searches were conducted in at least three apartments of citizens who are suspected of professing view of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Two persons were questioned about their religion. In one case, personnel of law enforcement agencies confiscated a Quran, thinking that it has significance for the criminal case.


In the evening of 9 July 2019, a group of investigators came with a search to the apartment of a family of believers. The agents confiscated from them telephones, computers, data storage devices, and notebooks with personal notes. At the same time, the agents let loose harsh jokes regarding the religion of the ones being searched. After the search, the head of the family was transported to the investigation department where he received a summons to an interrogation as a witness. On the same day yet another search was conducted in the home of a woman believer. In her apartment, electronic devices and religious books, including a Quran, were also seized. Tatyana was taken to the investigation department and questioned about her religious views. Two days later a search was conducted in yet another family.


A criminal case against Andrei Stupnikov has been dragging on in Krasnoyarsk since 3 July 2018. He has spent 241 days in a SIZO and at the present time he is under a prohibition on certain activities. In all, in Krasnoyarsk territory criminal prosecution for faith (in connection with Jehovah’s Witnesses) is being carried out against three persons.

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