image_pdfimage_print (19.09.2016) – – On Saturday, 17 September, in Samara (Russia), police arrested participants in a youth conference “YuS Volga,” which was held in the “Word of Life” church from 16 to 18 September, the Christian megaportal reports.

As Invictory reported, the situation with the arrests has been resolved. All detainees were released in the night of Saturday/Sunday.

The arrest of the conference participants was earlier reported by a lawyer of the Slavic Legal Center, Konstantin Andreev.

“Yesterday disturbing news arrived from Samara: a protestant youth conference was held in the city. During the conference, police burst in and began to ‘interrogate,'” the attorney wrote on his Facebook page. “Ministers were arrested and taken to the police department, including a young pastor from a fraternal church in Israel. Minors were stuffed into the whole vehicle and also taken away. Those who accompanied them were told that they will ‘surrender the children’ only to their parents.”

The attorney said that the chaperones possessed permission for the children’s attendance at the event in simple written form, without notarization. Law enforcement personnel refused to release the children without provision of information about birth and notarized permission by the parents for the chaperones.

“It should be noted that ‘power of attorney,’ on the basis of which parents permit someone to accompany a child on a trip is a document without entirely clear legal status. Formally such a document is required only in one case—if a child is crossing the boundaries of the country. Within Russia, such a document is not required,” Andreev emphasized.

In his turn, the attorney advised parents to avoid unpleasantness with law enforcement agencies by composing the power of attorney in accordance with all rules, and he described what kind of information should be indicated in the document.

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