Russia: Jehovah’s Witnesses’ property in Far East confiscated

Arbitration in Priamurie deprives Jehovah’s Witnesses of property in Tynda

RIA Novosty (21.02.2018) – – An arbitration court of Amur oblast made a decision to deprive the religious organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses* (whose activity is banned in Russia because of extremism) of property, the website of the court reports.

By a decision of the Russian Supreme Court of 20 April 2017, the activity of the organization “Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia”* and local religious organizations that are members of its structure was terminated. The Russian Ministry of Justice entered the Jehovah’s Witnesses* into the list of organizations that have been liquidated for extremism. The Russian Supreme Court decided to convert to the ownership of the Russian federation the property of the liquidated organization that remains after the satisfaction of the claims of creditors.

According to information of the file of the arbitration court, the banned religious organization in Tynda owns land and a structure of 431.4 square meters in area.

“Because the local religious organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses* (of the city of Tynda) owns a parcel of land in the city of Tynda, the Russian Ministry of Justice for Amur oblast requested ordering with respect to the organization proceedings for distribution of identified property. By decision of the arbitration court of the Amur oblast, the petition of the directorate of the Russian Ministry of Justice for Amur oblast was granted,” the website of the court reports.

The proceedings for distribution of the property are ordered by 6 August 2018. Sergei Kryazhev (Moscow) was appointed arbitration manager.

*An extremist organization prohibited in Russia.
(tr. by PDS, posted 21 February 2018)