No fine for Hare Krishna follower in Cherkess for violation of law on freedom of conscience

By Margarita Savelieva

RIA Novosti (15.08.2016)  – A court in Karachay-Cherkesia did not want to fine Krishnaite Vadim Sibirev for violation of the law on freedom of conscience, which was changed after the adoption of the “Yarovaya Package,” attorney Mikhail Frolov told RIA Novosti.

It was reported earlier that a case for administrative violation of law was opened against a resident of the republic, Vadim Sibirev, after he gave a religious publication to a city resident. Later the man sent to the police a request to bring the Krishnaite to account, since he violated the law on freedom of conscience, which, in the opinion of the accuser, forbids missionary activity in public places. Sibirev faced a fine of from 5 to 50 thousand rubles.

“Proceedings with respect to Sibirev were terminated because of the absence of the basic element of a violation of law,” Frolov noted. This is the first case in Russia that was provided for by part 4 of article 5.26 of the Code of Administrative Violation of Law of the RF “Violation of legislation concerning freedom of conscience, freedom of religious confession, and religious associations.”

According to the anti-terrorism “Yarovaya Package,” amendments in the law on freedom of conscience pertained to missionary activity which specified the procedure of its implementation.

Krishnaites are followers of one of the religious movements in Hinduism that worships one of the numerous incarnations of the god Vishnu—Krishna.

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