Segodnya (05.10.2016) – – The Moscow Regional Court ruled to uphold their verdict to demolish the Holy Trinity Temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate in Noginsk.


It was announced on September 3rd, that in Noginsk, Moscow Region, Russia will carry out the demolition of the Trinity Temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The announcement was made through Facebook by Svyatoslav Skorokhod:


“Today is a black Monday for the Bogorodskaya diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Kiev Patriarchate in Russia. The Russian, Moscow regional court has ruled against our appeal lawsuit. On October 3rd comes into force the final sentence on the demolition of our Holy Trinity Temple in Noginsk, satisfying those who are against us.”


According to the priesthood leadership of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, on the eve of the court session, Tatyana Goryunov (their lawyer), was attacked. Unknown individuals started shooting at her from a vehicle. On top of this, she has also received death threats if she continues to support and protect the Ukrainian Temple in court.


Skorokhod has stated that all things Ukrainian are systematically being cleansed and destroyed in Russia.


On October 3rd, Rector Adrian complained via Facebook about the many legal violations during the trial.


“One of the three judges did not give our advocate an opportunity to present all violations of the Noginsk City Court where the unrighteous decision to demolish our new Holy Trinity Temple in Noginsk on the Zharov 18th Street was made and that we must pay for the demolition of our own temple. All of our advocate’s arguments regarding these violations were simply blown off as our political ambitions by the regional judge. And when I, Adrian, had an opportunity to testify concerning our disagreement with the demolition of our temple, the judge did not even want to hear my truth about the one-sidedness of this case”.


According to the patriarch of Our Holy Trinity Temple, he had not received any notifications concerning his summoning to the Moscow Regional Court. Furthermore, there had been no information about the time and date of the hearing on the court website.


He also said that nobody would answer or return his phone calls. Only by a miracle did we learn that the hearing would take place on the 3rd of October, he said. It has been the order of the Russian Orthodox Church, Moscow Patriarch to get rid of the Ukrainian Patriarchy in Russia, Adrian claims.


According to Adrian, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church representatives will continue to seek the truth surrounding this situation in the higher governmental institutions if they must.


Newsroom has stated that this temple is the only temple in the territory of Russia that represents the Ukrainian Patriarchy.


This temple has existed from the beginning of 1990, when Rector Adrian transferred to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Kiev Patriarchy.


According to the followers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchy, the oppression from the Moscow Patriarchy towards the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Noginsk has always existed. Before the War in Donbass, there were posters slandering us, stating that our temple was filthy, graceless, and divisive. You wouldn’t even be able to buy a coffin or anything you might need in order to bury a deceased loved one if it were to be revealed that the funeral service would take place in the Ukrainian Orthodox Temple.


From the moment of the Russian aggression towards Ukraine began, the persecution of our people became ruthless and now they only wish to cleanse us and get rid of us.”


According to Skorokhod, the leaders of the Temple had been accused of building uninhabitable homes on this property. “This land has been perfectly and legally privatized to us now for some time. So we have all rights to build any building that we would want to upon this land. Our temple had an engineering and architectural design and all the necessary technical documentation. But this is a political issue”.


(Translation Russian-English by Olga Vladimirovna Allen for HRWF)


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