Russia Religion News (26.03.2018) – – In the city of Tiksi, according to information from the border directorate of the F.S.B. of Russia for the Eastern Arctic district, the prosecutor’s office of Bulun district conducted an examination of the legality of the conduct of missionary activity by citizen K.


It was established that in violation of the requirements of legislation on freedom of conscience and freedom of religious confession and on religious association, citizen K, in his apartment, arranged missionary activity about the faith of the Evangelical Christians-Baptists, without have completed state registration of an association in accordance with the procedure established by law and without sending notification to the authorized agency about the start of his activity. At the same time, he distributed religious literature to persons who are not members of the aforesaid religious association.


In connection with this, the prosecutor’s office of the district instituted a case against the man concerning administrative violation of law as defined by an article of the Code of Administrative Violations of Law of the RF—conducting missionary activity in violation of the requirements of legislation on freedom of conscience and freedom of religion confession and on religious associations.


By order of the magistrate judge of judicial district No. 7, the guilty person was held administratively accountable in the form of a fine of 6,000 rubles.


The order has not taken legal effect and may be appealed by the parties. (tr. by PDS, posted 27 March 2018)


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