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HRWF (15.10.2016) – In Russia, Alexander Dvorkin can afford to enjoy his “full freedom of expression” to attack and slander non-Orthodox minorities with impunity. His anti-sect discourse is hate speech and equates with the most despicable forms of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Despite his nefarious reputation, FECRIS (European Federation of Research and Information Centers on Sectarianism), which is 100% financed by France’s government, has kept him for years as its vice-president.

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  • “Aleksander entered the Moscow state pedagogical university in 1972. This was his first and last attempt to obtain a higher education in Russia.
  • Dvorkin’s official biography states that the reason for dismissal was for his affiliation with the hippy movement.
  • Sadly, for the anti-cultist, the true reason for his dismissal doesn’t fit the official biography.
  • From a teacher’s Report:I am bringing to your attention that the junior student Dvorkin has skipped 7 practical modern Russian classes out of 9.  He also skipped 6 lectures out of 9 and it ended with only 3 lectures. He has not successfully internalized the courses involved information… therefore I cannot allow him to take examination… He also was entailed to suddenly skip class.
  • From another teacher’s report:Dvorkin has been skipping the classes on a regular basis. This semester he attended only 7 lectures out of 27 and was late and unprepared. On December 12th he did not come to class for the exam with the group. I gave Dvorkin an opportunity to receive the failed assessment 3 times, however Dvorkin demonstrated very poor knowledge and he was not able to pass it. Student Dvorkin was not able to translate the text. His answers to the questions were simple and contained many errors. He also did not prepare the material for an oral presentation.  His vocabulary and grammar knowledge is so limited that he is not able to translate a simple text without a dictionary.
  • Report from the Dean of Russian Language and Literature: Referred student Dvorkin for dismissal for indiscipline and underperformance.”


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Freedom of Religion or Belief: Anti-Sect Movements  and State Neutrality/ A CASE STUDY: FECRIS


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