HRWF (16.11.2018) – Born on 21 October 1983 in Jingmen City, Hubei Province, Quan Kuo joined the Church of Almighty God (CAG) in 2012. In October 2014, Quan Kuo recognized that he could no longer safely remain in China and fled to South Korea for asylum. On 24 March 2015, his asylum application was denied. Quan Kuo appealed to the authorities and attempted to explain that if he is deported to China he will certainly be arrested. Despite his efforts, his appeal was rejected by the South Korean government on 30 June 2016.


Quan Kuo remained in South Korea despite his asylum rejection letter. While living in South Korea, he was unable to legally work and was not eligible for any government benefits leaving him unable to treat his heart disease. Without any other options, Quan Kuo returned to Hubei Province in China to receive medical attention on 11 March 2017.


Fearing capture if he returned home, Quan Kuo checked into a hotel opposite of Xiangyang’s bus station in May 2017. On 13 May, around 8 a.m. Quan Kuo was checking out of the hotel at the front desk when the captain of the Hubei Province Jingmen National Security Brigade, Mr. Feng, along with five or six plainclothed police officers stopped him. Without showing any identification or documents, the police officers began to search Quan Kuo’s bags. Despite not finding anything suspicious in his luggage, the police officers handcuffed him and transported him to an unidentified location in Jingmen. The police officers brought him to a room and handcuffed him to a chair. Officers constantly kept tight surveillance while he was in the room.


The following day, Mr. Feng and a few other police officers began to interrogate Quan Kuo about his church and his trip to South Korea. When Quan Kuo refused to answer their questions, Mr. Feng began threatening him. Quan Kuo told the officers that he was a believer in God and spread the gospel – that he had not done anything illegal. Mr. Feng proceeded to shout at Quan Kuo claiming that he is in an evil illegal cult and threatening him with a prison sentence. During the interrogation, the police showed Quan Kuo photos of other CAG members, asking him to identify the individuals and to share their personal information. Quan Kuo refused to answer any questions. The interrogation lasted for a week.


Following this week, the police officers sent Quan Kuo to the Hubei Province Political Re-education Center. While there, he was forced to write statements renouncing his face and was subject to intense re-education classes. Several officers from the Jingmen Public Security Bureau visited him in the Center, continuing their interrogation, showing him photos of members and asking him to identify the individuals.


Around 20 June, Mr. Feng and several other officers took Quan Kuo from the Re-education Center and drove him around Changsha City in Hunan Province. The officers asked him to identify the homes of CAG members. When Quan Kuo failed to do so, they threatened him with a prison sentence. They attempted to bribe Quan Kuo insisting that if he helped them arrest upper-level church leaders, they would reduce his sentence and pay him reward money. Quan Kuo refused their proposal.


On 21 July 2017, Quan Kuo was released after being held for over two months. Since his return home, Quan Kuo has to regularly check-in with the police, faces frequent interrogations, and is under constant surveillance.


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