Human Rights Without Frontiers tracks incidents worldwide where people are imprisoned for exercising their right to freedom of religion or belief.

Who is included?

The database includes believers of all faiths and atheists who have been imprisoned for activities relating to:
    • Freedom to have, keep, or change their religious beliefs
    • Freedom of expression on religious issues
    • Freedom of (religious) association
    • Freedom of (religious) assembly and worship
    • Conscientious objection to military service
The database does not include people who are believers or atheists who have been arrested for non-religious activities.

How to search the database

Keyword search


Type any word or name into the search field to search the entire database for your keyword. The search results will show ALL records that contain that word.


For example: if you type ‘Russia’, all records that have ‘Russia’ anywhere in the entry will be included in the results.



Filter search


Use the ‘Add filters’ function to search the database using pre-defined criteria. The search results will show specific results based on your choices


For example:


If you have information or questions regarding our prisoners database, please contact us at:

FoRB and Blasphemy Prisoners Lists Archive

Visit our archive to view HRWF’s prisoners lists from previous years.