The court’s decision could pave the way for a law that criminalizes marital rape in Morocco.


Morocco World News (29.12.2018) –– The Tangier Court of Appeals has sentenced a husband to two years in jail for raping his wife. The court also ordered the man to pay an MAD 2,000 fine and MAD 30,000 in compensation to the victim.


The convicted 25-year-old husband from Larache, a town near Tangier, had violently forced his wife to engage in sexual intercouse, reported Al Ahdath al Maghribiya on Saturday. The woman suffers from severe depression.


The court’s decision was based on Articles 485 and 400 of the penal code. Article 400 states: “Any act of violence or assault, even if it caused no disability or illness is punishable by imprisonment from one month to one year in addition to a fine of MAD 200 to 500.”


The wife’s lawyer reported that her medical certificate verified serious indications of physical violence. The lawyer noted that the woman already suffers from depression, and the rape could induce her to become suicidal.


Law 103-13 to eliminate violence against women, sexual harassment, and gender-based discrimination, which took effect in September, does not list marital rape as a punishable crime.

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