Sen’s Daily (19.05.2017) – Azimi, a Baha’i who was arrested in his home by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence on October 25, 2016, was released on bail at mid-May after more than 200 days in detention without trial.

Mohsen Mehrgani, who was arrested along with Manouchehr Rahmani in their home in Isfahan on January 24, has also been released, on bail, set at 500 million tumans. This would be over 130,000 euros if the report is correct, or one tenth of that if the amount is actually in rials, Iran’s official currency. He has been held for over three months, and because of his diabetes and the lack of insulin in prison, his health has suffered. Manouchehr Rahmani is still being detained.

Farhad Eqbali, a Baha’i prisoner of conscience from Gorgan, was released from Raja’i Shahr prison near Tehran where he has been serving a five-year sentence.

Mr. Eqbali was fired from his work in the poultry sector in July 2004, because of pressure on his employer from the Ministry of Intelligence. Under Iran’s apartheid system, Baha’is are barred from working in most food-related sectors because they are regarded as “unclean.” He went on to study radiology at Shiraz University, but was expelled in his second year of study because of his Baha’i beliefs. In November, 2012, he was one of about twenty Baha’is, and some Muslims accused of associating with Baha’is, who were arrested in Gorgan. He was quickly released on bail because of his heart condition. He was tried with four other Baha’is on charges of propaganda against the regime, participation in Baha’i activities and cooperation with foreign governments. His five-year sentence was confirmed by the court of review on August 27, 2014, and he began to serve it in Gorgan on the same day. Soon afterwards, he was transferred to Evin prison, in Tehran, and was moved to Raja’i Shahr prison in October, 2014.



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